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Guide to using Saint Louis City burial certificates | Film guide by roll order | Rolls 100 - 110

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Film # Starting Date Ending Date Starting Permit # Ending Permit # Notes
BCSL-100 21-Sep-03 30-Sep-03 8207 8465  
BCSL-100 14-Oct-03 31-Oct-03     No permit numbers.  Slightly out of order.
BCSL-100 01-Oct-03 31-Oct-03 8466 9273  
BCSL-100 30-Oct-03   9371   Lone record.
BCSL-100 30-Oct-03   9370   Lone record upside-down.
BCSL-100 15-Oct-03   8819.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 14-Oct-03   8799.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 10-Oct-03   8699.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 09-Oct-03   8674.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 06-Oct-03   8598.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 05-Oct-03   8571.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 05-Oct-03   8566.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 04-Oct-03   8567.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 20-Oct-03   8942.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 29-Oct-03   9233.5   Lone record.
BCSL-100 11-Nov-03   684   Lone record.
BCSL-100 01-Nov-03 30-Nov-03      
BCSL-100 01-Nov-03 23-Nov-03 9274 9907  
BCSL-101 11-Jun-03 29-Jun-03     No permit numbers.
BCSL-101 01-Jun-03 04-Jun-03 4848 4961  
BCSL-101 08-Jun-03 12-Jun-03 5065 5160 Skipped ahead.
BCSL-101 04-Jun-03 08-Jun-03 4962 5064 Skipped back.
BCSL-101 12-Jun-03 30-Jun-03 5161 5750  
BCSL-101 27-Jun-03       Permit number concealed.
BCSL-101 01-Jul-03 24-Jul-03     Out of chronological order.
BCSL-101 03-Jul-03 13-Jul-03     Two records.
BCSL-101 01-Jul-03 23-Jul-03 5751 6584  
BCSL-102 23-Nov-03 05-Dec-03 9908 10253  
BCSL-102 06-Dec-03 07-Dec-03 10276 10289 Skips ahead.
BCSL-102 05-Dec-03 06-Dec-03 10254 10275 Skips back.
BCSL-102 07-Dec-03 31-Dec-03 10290 11137 Last record (#11138?) damaged.
BCSL-102 01-Dec-03 31-Dec-03     Most without permit numbers.  Out of order.
BCSL-102 01-Feb-04 17-Feb-04 1009 1577 Skipped to Feb.
BCSL-103 17-Feb-04 29-Feb-04 1578 2025  
BCSL-103 24-Feb-04       Lone record without a permit number.
BCSL-103 01-Feb-04 29-Feb-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-103 19-Feb-04   1638   Lone record.
BCSL-103 29-Feb-04   Outside   Lone record.
BCSL-103 01-Feb-04 29-Feb-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-103 01-Mar-04 31-Mar-04 2026 3201  
BCSL-103 01-Mar-04 31-Mar-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-103 28-Mar-04   3040   Lone record.
BCSL-103 02-Mar-04 02-Mar-04 Outside Outside Two records.
BCSL-104 03-Mar-04   2133   Lone record.
BCSL-104 03-Mar-04 31-Mar-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-104 01-Apr-04 29-Apr-04     Most without permit numbers.
BCSL-104 18-Apr-04   3844   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 22-Apr-04   3970   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 23-Apr-04   4001   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 27-Apr-04   Outside   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 29-Apr-04   4257   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 23-Apr-04   43.5   Lone record.
BCSL-104 24-Apr-04   Outside   Lone record.
BCSL-104 01-Apr-04 29-Apr-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-104 06-Apr-04   2253   Lone record.
BCSL-104 19-Apr-04   255B   Lone record.
BCSL-104 11-Apr-04   849    
BCSL-104 01-Apr-04 23-Apr-04 3202 4013  
BCSL-104 23-Apr-04 30-Apr-04 4039 4314  
BCSL-104 29-May-04   Outside   Lone record.
BCSL-104 01-May-04 25-May-04     Most without permit numbers.
BCSL-104 01-May-04   4323   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 19-May-04   4947   Included in chronological order above.
BCSL-104 10-May-04   4646   Lone record.
BCSL-104 01-May-04 30-May-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-104 07-May-04   4578   Lone record.
BCSL-104 01-May-04 06-May-04 4315 4523  
BCSL-105 06-May-04 31-May-04 4524 5333 Slightly out of order in a few places.
BCSL-105 01-Jun-04 03-Jun-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-105 08-Jun-04   5544   Lone record.
BCSL-105 ? Jun 1904   5687   No date.  Right after #5544.
BCSL-105 03-Jun-04 30-Jun-04      
BCSL-105 23-Jun-04   5927   Included in chronological order in above.
BCSL-105 17-Jun-04        
BCSL-105 20-Jun-04   Outside    
BCSL-105 10-Jun-04        
BCSL-105 02-Jun-04 30-Jun-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-105 01-Jun-04 30-Jun-04 5334 6106  
BCSL-105 02-Jul-04 20-Jul-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-106 20-Jul-04 31-Jul-04     No permit numbers
BCSL-106 01-Jul-04        
BCSL-106 14-Jul-04   Outside    
BCSL-106 05-Jul-04   6192   Lone record.
BCSL-106 01-Jul-04 05-Jul-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-106 03-Jul-04   6168    
BCSL-106 06-Jul-04 31-Jul-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-106 26-Jul-04 31-Jul-04 1 56  
BCSL-106 29-Jul-04   ?   Permit ripped.
BCSL-106 25-Jul-04       Lone record.
BCSL-106 20-Jul-04       Lone record.
BCSL-106 19-Jul-04       Lone record.
BCSL-106 11-Jul-04       Lone record.
BCSL-106 08-Jul-04       Lone record.
BCSL-106 01-Jul-04 31-Jul-04 6107 6931  
BCSL-106 01-Sep-04 30-Sep-04 Outside Outside Skipped to September.
BCSL-106 30-Sep-04   591B    
BCSL-106 16-Sep-04   495    
BCSL-106 01-Sep-04 30-Sep-04 388 594  
BCSL-106 01-Sep-04 20-Sep-04 7590 7951  
BCSL-107 20-Sep-04 30-Sep-04 7952 8163  
BCSL-107 01-Oct-04 15-Oct-04 595 710  
BCSL-107 06-Oct-04   8236   Lone record.
BCSL-107 07-Oct-04   8256   Lone record.
BCSL-107 14-Oct-04   8403   Lone record.
BCSL-107 22-Oct-04   8572   Lone record.
BCSL-107 07-Oct-04   8273   Lone record.
BCSL-107 15-Oct-04 31-Oct-04 711 845  
BCSL-107 17-Oct-04   Outside    
BCSL-107 02-Oct-04 31-Oct-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-107 01-Oct-04 31-Oct-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-107 01-Oct-04 31-Oct-04 8164 8755  
BCSL-107 10-Nov-04   8966    
BCSL-107 20-Nov-04   950    
BCSL-107 01-Nov-04 30-Nov-04 846 1026  
BCSL-107 01-Nov-04 28-Nov-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-107 01-Nov-04 30-Nov-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-107 01-Nov-04 06-Nov-04 8756 8864  
BCSL-108 06-Nov-04 30-Nov-04 8865 9478  
BCSL-108 01-Dec-04 28-Dec-04 1027 1279B Not in strict chronological order.
BCSL-108 01-Dec-04 31-Dec-04     No permit numbers.
BCSL-108 03-Dec-04 31-Dec-04 Outside Outside  
BCSL-108 01-Dec-04 18-Dec-04 9479 9916 #9604-9607 duplicated later on.  Large blank gap at end of film.
BCSL-109 18-Dec-04 31-Dec-04 9917 10258 #10256 is at the end.
BCSL-109 01-Feb-05 28-Feb-05 771 1573  
BCSL-109 01-Feb-05 28-Feb-05 269 522  
BCSL-109 16-Feb-05       Lone record without a permit number.
BCSL-109 01-Feb-05       Lone record without a permit number.
BCSL-109 20-Feb-05   Outside    
BCSL-109 06-Feb-05   Outside    
BCSL-109 28-Feb-05   Outside    
BCSL-109 20-Feb-05   Outside    
BCSL-109 23-Feb-05   Outside    
BCSL-109 11-Feb-05       Lone record without a permit number.
BCSL-109 28-Feb-05   Outside    
BCSL-109 02-Feb-05 28-Feb-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-109 30-Jan-05       Lone record without a permit number.
BCSL-109 22-Feb-05 22-Feb-05 Outside Outside Large group of permits randomly placed.
BCSL-109 01-Feb-05 28-Feb-05     No permit numbers.
BCSL-109 01-Jan-05 07-Jan-05 1 139 Skipped back to January.
BCSL-110 07-Jan-05 31-Jan-05 140 770  
BCSL-110 01-Jan-05 31-Jan-05 1 268  
BCSL-110 01-Jan-05 31-Jan-05     No permit numbers.
BCSL-110 28-Jan-05   243   Lone record.
BCSL-110 01-Jan-05   12   Lone record.
BCSL-110 02-Jan-05 31-Jan-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-110 01-Mar-05 25-Mar-05 1574 2183 Skipped back to March.
BCSL-110 02-Mar-05   1617   Between #1641 and #1642.