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Guide to using Saint Louis City burial certificates | Film guide by roll order | Rolls 111 - 122

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Film # Starting Date Ending Date Starting Permit # Ending Permit # Notes
BCSL-111 25-Mar-05 31-Mar-05 2184 2326  
BCSL-111 01-Mar-05 31-Mar-05 523 761  
BCSL-111 02-Mar-05 31-Mar-05     No permit numbers.
BCSL-111 27-Mar-05   Outside    
BCSL-111 22-Mar-05   Outside    
BCSL-111 21-Mar-05   Outside    
BCSL-111 14-Mar-05   Outside    
BCSL-111 01-Mar-05 31-Mar-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-111 28-Dec-07   Outside   Lone record years out of place.
BCSL-111 01-Apr-05 30-Apr-05 2327 2939  
BCSL-111 01-Apr-05 30-Apr-05 762 971  
BCSL-111 03-Apr-05 28-Apr-05      
BCSL-111 01-Apr-05 30-Apr-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-111 01-May-05 05-May-05 2940 3047  
BSCL-112 05-May-05 31-May-05 3048 3563  
BSCL-112 09-May-05   3129   Not in its place.
BSCL-112 01-May-05 31-May-05 972 1173  
BSCL-112 01-May-05 30-May-05      
BSCL-112 01-May-05 31-May-05 Outside Outside  
BSCL-112 01-Jun-05 29-Jun-05 3564 4110 Possibly missing some records at the end.
BSCL-112 01-Jun-05 29-Jun-05 1174 1426  
BCSL-113 29-Jun-05 30-Jun-05 1427 1440  
BCSL-113 01-Jun-05 30-Jun-05      
BCSL-113 01-Jun-05 30-Jun-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-113 01-Aug-05 31-Aug-05     Skipped Jul.
BCSL-113 29-Aug-05       Lone record.
BCSL-113 01-Aug-05 31-Aug-05 1743 1985  
BCSL-113 01-Aug-05 31-Aug-05 4693 5253  
BCSL-113 28-Aug-05   Outside   Lone record.
BCSL-113 01-Aug-05 31-Aug-05      
BCSL-113 01-Sep-05 28-Sep-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-113 01-Sep-05 25-Sep-05      
BCSL-113 30-Sep-05 27-Sep-05     Backward chronological order.
BCSL-113 01-Sep-05 16-Sep-05 1987 2075  
BCSL-113 06-Sep-05 11-Sep-05 2022 2053 Duplicates.
BCSL-113 16-Sep-05 23-Sep-05 2076 2139 Skipped a section.
BCSL-114 23-Sep-05 30-Sep-05 2140 2181  
BCSL-114 01-Sep-05 31-Oct-05 5254 6352  
BCSL-114 01-Oct-05 31-Oct-05 2182 2375 Slight numerical disorder.
BCSL-114 01-Nov-05 29-Nov-05     Slight chronological disorder.
BCSL-114 01-Nov-05 27-Nov-05 Outside Outside  
BCSL-114 01-Nov-05 08-Nov-05 6353 6528  
BCSL-115 09-Nov-05 30-Nov-05 6529 6917  
BCSL-115 01-Nov-05 29-Nov-05 2376 2531  
BCSL-115 01-Feb-06 28-Feb-06 221 401 Skipped to Feb.
BCSL-115 09-Feb-06 28-Feb-06     No permit numbers.
BCSL-115 20-Feb-06       Lone record.
BCSL-115 26-Feb-06 28-Feb-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-115 19-Feb-06        
BCSL-115 01-Feb-06 09-Feb-06     No permit numbers.
BCSL-115 20-Feb-06 25-Feb-06 Outside Outside Some difficult to read.
BCSL-115 16-Feb-06 20-Feb-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-115 14-Feb-06 15-Feb-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-115 05-Feb-06 13-Feb-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-115 05-Feb-06 05-Feb-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-115 01-Feb-06 04-Feb-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-115 01-Feb-06 23-Feb-06 671 1154  
BCSL-116 23-Feb-06 28-Feb-06 1155 1259  
BCSL-116 01-Apr-06 30-Apr-06 1941 2580 Skipped to April.
BCSL-116 01-Apr-06 30-Apr-06 606 811  
BCSL-116 02-Apr-06 30-Apr-06     No permit numbers.
BCSL-116 01-Apr-06 30-Apr-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-116 01-Dec-06 31-Dec-06 2387 2611 Skipped to December.
BCSL-116 01-Dec-06 28-Dec-06     No permit numbers.
BCSL-116 13-Dec-06 18-Dec-06     No permit numbers.
BCSL-116 24-Dec-06 31-Dec-06     No permit numbers.
BCSL-116 22-Dec-06        
BCSL-116 28-Dec-06   Outside    
BCSL-116 01-Dec-06 30-Dec-06 Outside Outside  
BCSL-116 01-Dec-06 06-Dec-06 6627 6740  
BCSL-117 06-Dec-06 31-Dec-06 6741 7309  
BCSL-117 10-Jan-07 09-Jan-07     Large group of randomly placed records.
BCSL-117 02-Jan-07 22-Jan-07 Outside Outside Randomly placed records.
BCSL-117 29-Dec-06   Outside   Intermixed within.
BCSL-117 05-Jan-07 04-Jan-07 95 56 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-117 01-Jan-07 31-Jan-07 1 208 Finally began going in order.
BCSL-117 01-Jan-07 28-Jan-07 1 660 Missing the numbers above.
BCSL-118 01-Dec-07 10-Dec-07 Outside Outside Jumbled.
BCSL-118 28-Jan-07 31-Jan-07 661 739 Completed January.
BCSL-118 13-Dec-07 18-Dec-07 Outside Outside Jumbled.
BCSL-118 12-Dec-07 16-Dec-07     Jumbled.
BCSL-118 31-Dec-07   2617    
BCSL-118 02-Dec-07 31-Dec-07 2503 2683 In order.
BCSL-118 01-Dec-07 31-Dec-07 6990 7644 Large blank gap in film.
BCSL-118 21-Feb-08 08-Feb-08     Large group jumbled.
BCSL-118 07-Feb-08 27-Feb-08 Outside Outside Large group jumbled.
BCSL-118 13-Feb-08 01-Feb-08 280 243 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-118 04-Feb-08 10-Feb-08 280 980  
BCSL-119 10-Feb-08 23-Feb-08 979 1249 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-119 06-Apr-08   Outside    
BCSL-119 01-May-08   2726    
BCSL-119 15-Apr-08   Outside    
BCSL-119 10-Apr-08   616    
BCSL-119 12-Apr-08   2365    
BCSL-119 24-Apr-08   2588    
BCSL-119 03-Sep-08   1754    
BCSL-119 03-Sep-08   1755    
BCSL-119 10-Apr-08 27-Apr-08     Randomly placed records without permit numbers.
BCSL-119 29-Apr-08 17-Apr-08 Outside Outside Randomly placed records.
BCSL-119 03-Apr-08 23-Apr-08 576 698 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-119 13-Mar-08 30-Mar-08 1691 2089 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-120 31-Mar-08 21-Mar-08 2106 1879 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-120 01-Jun-08 29-Jun-08 357 397 Permit numbers close to being in order.
BCSL-120 27-Jun-08   396    
BCSL-120 01-Jun-08 28-Jun-08 430 517 Permit numbers close to being in order.
BCSL-120 01-Jun-08 30-Jun-08 913 1166 Permit numbers in order.
BCSL-120 01-Jun-08 30-Jun-08 3337 3824 Permit numbers in order.  Large blank gap in film.
BCSL-120 21-Jul-08   4234    
BCSL-120 01-Jul-08   1166    
BCSL-120 08-Jul-08 27-Jul-08     Randomly placed records without permit numbers.
BCSL-120 01-Jul-08 13-Jul-08 Outside Outside Randomly placed records.
BCSL-120 02-Jul-08 23-Jul-08 1181 1383 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-120 03-Jul-08 12-Jul-08 3873 4127 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-121 18-Jul-08 28-Jul-08 4174 4339 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-121 08-Sep-08        
BCSL-121 11-Sep-08        
BCSL-121 14-Sep-08 29-Sep-08     Randomly placed records without permit numbers.
BCSL-121 25-Sep-08 05-Sep-08 Outside Outside Randomly placed records.
BCSL-121 04-Sep-08 01-Sep-08 4980 4941 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-121 28-Sep-08 26-Sep-08 1900 1884 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-121 02-Oct-08 01-Oct-08 1917 1911 Randomly placed records.
BCSL-121 01-Jan-00 01-Jan-00 1 11 Note year change.
BCSL-122 28-Jul-60 13-Aug-60 7501 8000 Note year.
BCSL-122 30-Aug-60 12-Sep-60 8501 9000 Skipped ahead.
BCSL-122 13-Aug-60 30-Aug-60 8001 8500 Skipped back.
BCSL-122 12-Sep-60 26-Sep-60 9001 9440 Skipped ahead again.