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Guide to using Saint Louis City burial certificates | Film guide by year

Before using this chart, be sure to complete the steps listed on the introduction page for this microfilm set. After step three, you should have the date of death and burial certificate number and, by checking the list of missing months, know if you have hit a dead end because the film set does not contain certificates for that month.

To select the correct film for a given date and certificate number, find the entry line in this chart that contains BOTH
  • the date of death in the starting/ending date range
  • the certificate number in the starting/ending certificate number range
The certificates on the films are not always in perfect chronological order, and as a result, certificates from the same month may be on separate rolls of microfilm. If using the films here in the History and Genealogy Department, follow the descriptive list on the side of each Burial Certificate film box. 
A film guide by roll order is also available on this website.