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Immanuel Lutheran Church | Perryville, Perry County, Missouri

Lutheran Church records held by the History and Genealogy Department

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Immanuel Lutheran Church 1867-
435 North West Street
Perryville, Missouri 63775
Perry County

Immanuel Lutheran Church was founded by members of Peace Lutheran Church. Peace Lutheran Cemetery is still located on the Frankenberg, along Highway 61. Its original members were settlers from Bavaria. Immanuel Lutheran was founded as the city of Perryville expanded and settlers desired a church and school closer to home.
See also "Immanuel Lutheran Church, Perryville Mo.," R 977.8694 I33, which inlcudes a history and transcription of some of the records.)
Text in German and English.
SLCL Roll Ministerial Act Years
88 Baptism 1867-1938
88 Marriage Sept 1937-Feb 1938
88 Burial 1868-1938
88 Burial of Children 1868-1938
88 Cemetery Plots  
88 Confirmation 1874-2003
88 Baptism 1939-2003
88 Marriage 1939-2003
88 Burial 1939-2003