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Index to the Saint Louis County Watchman-Advocate newspaper

The "St. Louis County Watchman-Advocate" published its first issue on September 29, 1881 and gained the largest circulation of any St. Louis County newspaper. According to "History of St. Louis County," it had “a corps of sixty correspondents covering every section of the county” and kept readers apprised of items of “interest occurring in their neighborhood” (p. 116). It was published every Friday in Clayton and featured articles of local interest, which could cover anything from marriages and deaths to stolen wagons, sprained ankles, picnics among friends, a mule’s death, etc. It was the official organ of the Republican Party and printed all the legal notices. Its titles, varying over time, included "St. Louis County Watchman-Advocate," "Watchman," "Clayton Watchman-Advocate" and "Watchman-Advocate."

This every-name index is based on microfilm copies held by the History and Genealogy Department and  is an ongoing project. Additional years will be added as they are completed. The index was created by volunteers Linda Bauby and Barbara Portell Mottin and the staff of the History and Genealogy Department. 

Photocopies of indexed articles may be requested by email from the History and Genealogy Department. Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library’s lookup policy.