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Indexed source

Harris, Nini. Bohemian Hill: An Ameircan Story, 1847-1928. St. Louis: St. John Nepomuk Parish, 2004. R 977.866 H313B and circulating copy

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Subject Page
Czech Catholic's first church, 1855 (St John Nepomuk Parish) 7
House in the 1600 block of 11th Street 12
1860 ad for Abeles, Taussig & Co. dry goods store 15
1863 ad for Parson & Co, manufacturer of flags, & military goods 19
Pictorial drawing of Bohemian Hill during the 1870's 26
Gothic brick church, 1870 27
Interior of the Bohemian Church 27
Home of Bohemian physician, Dr. Frantz Arzt 29
Bohemian parish school building, 1884 30
Sbor Slovan, a Bohemian music & theatre club, 1880's 31
Bohemian young ladies on the stage in the hall of the east school 32
Monsignor Hessoun, assistants, & primary students in parish school yard. 34
St John Nepomuk Church after the 1896 tornado 38
Bohemian Hill boys who found work in the Brown Shoe Company's shipping department 44
Phillip and Rose Fabick, Bohemian business patriarch and matriarch 44
Parish classroom 46
Members of the Catholic Sokol 48
Kubik sisters 49
John Betlach family 49
An invoice from 1910 for the Tower Grove Livery 50
Women working at the Sunlight Shoe Factory 51
Children being raised at the Hessoun Orphanage in 1914 51
Wedding party, unidentified 52
Advertisement for Tichacek Brothers Painting Co 56
Betlach men gathered in front of Vavar Hardware Store at 1731 South 9th Street 66
Fabick's Ideal Motor Sales Ad 67
Parish school graduating class 68
Front page of the Bohemian newspaper, Hlas or The Voice, January 12, 1923 70
Aerial photo of the Bohemian community, 1929 73
Christ Healing the Sick stained glass window 77
Stations of the Cross, with Gothic Czech lettering 77
Members of the Young Men's & Young Ladies' Sodalites, 1931 80-81
Depression era raffle ticket, 1932 82
Members of the Young Ladies Sodalities costumed in calico 83
Ad for John Fabick Tractor Co 84
1930 calendar provided by the Lafayette-South Side Bank 85
Vavra, Dorothy and John Kalbac wedding party, 1937 86
Tickets for lottos, festivals, and raffles printed in Bohemian and English 87
Parish children taken at the beginning of World War II 96
Centennial procession, 1954 104, 105
Kalbac, John and Dorothy Vavra wedding party, 1937 86