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Indexed source

Kargau, Ernest. The German Element in St. Louis: A Translation from German of Ernst D. Kargau's St. Louis in Former Years, William Bek, tr. Baltimore: Clearfiled, 2000. R 977.866 K18G

Note: This index lists only business and industry references found in the book.

Photocopies of indexed articles may be requested by email from the History and Genealogy Department. Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library’s lookup policy.

Business name Page
Anthony Ittner's Press and Ornamental Brick Works 310-313
August Gast Banknote and Lithographing Company 323-325
Bauer-Walter Buggy and Carriage Company 293-295
Busch's Vinery in Bushberg 288-281
Charles Ehlermann Hop and Malt Company 317-318
Dodson-Hils Manufacturing Company 319-320
Dr. Enno Sander's Mineral Water Factory 284-287
Emil F. Seidel: Office, Bank, Store and House Interiors Mantels, etc. 304-305
Ferdinand Meszmer Manufacturing Company 309-310
Ferdinand Meszmer Manufacturing Company 309-310
G. Cramer Dry Plate Works 282-284
Gast Wine Company 299-301
Griesedieck Artificial Ice Company 315-317
Grone and Company, Soda Water, etc. 320
Helmbacher Forge and Rolling Mills Company 259-262
J. H. Conrades Chair Manufacturing Company 288-290
John J. Ganahl Lumber Company 262-263
Keller and Tamm Manufacturing Company 279
Lungstras Dyeing and Cleaning Company 273-274
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works 270-273
Medart Patent Pulley Company 306-307
Nedderhuth Packing and Provision Company 268-270
Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company 313-315
R. H. Follenius Marble Works 321-323
Regina Flour Mill 264-265
Ringen Stove Company/Quick Meal Stove Company 275-277
Southern Roller Mills 287-288
St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association 325-329
St. Louis Cooperage Company 307-309
St. Louis Exposition and Music Hall Association 329-332
St. Louis Iron and Machine Works 291-293
St. Louis Iron and Machine Works 291-293
St. Louis Stamping Company 301-304
St. Louis Stamping Company 301-304
St. Louis Woodenware Works 277-279
Welle-Boettler Bakery Company 320-321
William Homann Saddlery Company 295-297
William J. Lemp Brewing Company 266-268
William Prufrock's Parlor Furniture and Furniture Frame Factory 297-299
William Waltke and Company 272-273
William Waltke and Company 272-273