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The National Genealogical Society Book Loan Collection

National Genealogical Society (logo)The National Genealogical Society Book Loan Collection (NGS Collection) features more than 27,000 books-- including more than 10,750 published family histories--dedicated to family history research,. Originally housed at NGS headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, the 98-year-old collection was relocated to St. Louis County Library in St. Louis, Missouri in 2001. Although access was once limited to NGS membership, the NGS Collection is now accessible to everyone through interlibrary loan services (ILL) or by visiting History & Genealogy at St. Louis County Library. Such access to published family histories is unparalleled in the genealogical community.

Using the collection via interlibrary loan services

Interlibrary loan (ILL) allows one library to borrow items from another. Not every library participates in ILL, so contact your local library to see if the service is available. If it does participate, books in the NGS Collection can be obtained by the following procedure:

  1. View the list of NGS Collection items in the library catalog, or search the library catalog.
  2. Any item with a call number that does not begin with the letter "R" can be requested through ILL.
  3. A limit of two books at a time per borrower applies.
  4. Submit an ILL request to your local library.

Using the collection via lookup services

The History & Genealogy staff will do lookups in any source its collection, including NGS books. Please review the library's lookup policy. 

Donating books to the NGS Collection

Authors, compilers, and translators wanting to place their genealogical publications in a circulating collection might consider the NGS as a repository for their work. Newly published works donated to the NGS Collection may be considered for review in the National Genealogical Quarterly. Please see "Book and Media Reviews" on the NGS website.

Send donations to:

     NGS Collection
     St. Louis County Library
     1640 South Lindbergh Blvd.
     St. Louis, MO 63131-3598

Please include your address so an acknowledgement can be made.

For more information about the NGS Collection, contact the library at:

History & Genealogy at St. Louis County Library
1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63131-3598
314-994-3300, ext. 2070

For more information about the National Genealogical Society, contact:

National Genealogical Society
6400 Arlington Blvd, Suite 810
Falls Church, VA 22042-2318
703-525-0050 or 800-473-0060