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Naturalization information in U.S. census schedules

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U.S. census records reported the following naturalization information:


Foreigners not naturalized 


Aliens, Foreigners not naturalized 


Column 19 - Male citizens of U.S. 21 years of age and upwards

Column 20 - Male citizens of U.S. 21 years of age and upwards where right to vote is denied on other grounds than rebelling or other crime 


Column 18 - Naturalization 


Column 16 - Whether naturalized or alien 


Column 14 - Naturalized or alien

Column 15 - If naturalized, year of naturalization 


Column 23 - Naturalized or alien 


Abbreviations used in census records relating to naturalization

AL - Individual was still an alien and had not begun the naturalization process.

PA - The individual had filed his “first papers,” also known as declaration of intention.

NA - A naturalized citizen, the individual had completed the naturalization process.