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New Winter Reading Club at SLCL

Press Release

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 10:00a.m.


St. Louis County Library will introduce a new Winter Reading Club starting November 1. The overwhelming popularity of SLCL’s summer reading clubs prompted the new club, which will run from November 1 until December 31, 2012. All ages are invited to participate in the Winter Reading Club, whose theme is “Warm Up with Reading.”           

The Winter Reading Club will have two categories: ages 0-11, and 12–Adult. Those in the younger category will be encouraged to read for five hours; those in the older group will be asked to read four books to complete the club. Those who do will be eligible for a drawing to win a winter prize pack. Each of the library’s 20 branches will have one prize pack per category to award (40 total prize packs.)

The prize packs will contain a variety of winter-themed items including, for the kids, a sled, stuffed penguin, a DVD, a book, some hot chocolate mix and popcorn. The older group will be eligible to win a Kindle eReader, a blanket, puzzles, Bananagrams, a Starbucks gift card, hand warmers and an ice scraper.  

St. Louis County Library’s Summer Reading Clubs were at an all-time high in 2012, with more than 50,000 babies, children, teens and adults participating. The Summer Reading Club has been a staple at the County Library for more than 40 years, growing and expanding to include readers of all ages.

For more information please call 314 994-3300 or visit