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Patron FAQ

Patron FAQs

How do you choose the music to add to the site?

  • We accept music from musicians/bands currently performing and/or based in the St. Louis area.
  • We want to have as wide a variety of music as possible and will select albums that represent many musical genres.
  • We accept original music only - no covers.
  • Albums must have at least 3 songs.

Please note that Listen Up STL includes a wide variety of music, some of which may be offensive to some individuals.

How do I download/stream the music?

  • Listen Up STL music is currently available for streaming only
  • Problems? Call 314-994-3300.

What formats are available?

  • The music is available in MP3 format only

Can I make copies of this music?

  • No. The musicians own the copyright to their music. They have simply licensed it to SLCL for the private use of our patrons.