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Peace Lutheran Church | Friedenberg, Perry County, Missouri

Lutheran Church records held by the History and Genealogy Department

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Peace Lutheran Church 1840-1980
Friedenberg, Missouri
Perry County

Founded by Bavarians who settled near Perryville, Missouri in the 1830's, this congregration was the mother church for Immanuel, Perryville; Zion, Crosstown; and Zion, Longtown.
Original records are held by Concordia Historical Institute and are also available on Family History Library film no.1479676.
Text in English.
SLCL Roll Item Ministerial Act Years Concordia Roll Comments
43 7 Membership Cards   1675 First half of cards are not in alphabetical order. Includes varying amounts of biographical information.
43 7 Communion Record Cards 1919-1921 1942-1943 1675 Interfiled with above.