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"Project Terra: Crash Course" by Landry Q. Walker

terraysbookcoverElara Adele Vaughn’s dreams come true when she’s awarded a scholarship to the Seven Systems School of Terraforming Sciences and Arts.


So Elara packs up and leaves her out-of-the-way farming planet of Vega Antilles V, hoping to learn and become one of the best new planet-makers in the universe.  At STS, Elara is challenged in making friends with new life-forms, difficult teachers, and, well, it seems that someone may or may not be out to get her. Weird and dangerous things keep happening to Elara, like attack robots and simulations that become dangerously real. It’s up to Elara and her new friends to discover exactly what’s going on before their school, and possibly the universe, is destroyed.


"Project Terra: Crash Course" by Landry Q. Walker is a funny, fast-paced adventure for grades 4-6.


--Andrea W., Youth Services