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Saint Louis County, Missouri register of births and stillbirths

Indexed sources

Missouri. St. Louis County. St. Louis County Clerk. Vital Records. Register of Births, 1883-1895 and Register of Stillbirths: 1883-1908. Microfilm. St. Louis County Library fillm no. STLV-1 (Missouri State Archives film no. C36954).


The State of Missouri first passed legislation for county-by-county recording of births and deaths in 1883, but records are incomplete as recording wasn't mandatory. Although the legislation was repealed in 1893, St. Louis County continued to record births and deaths until 1910 when new legislation made records compulsory. From 1883 to 1895, more than 3,300 births were recorded for St. Louis County, with the first birth listed on September 28, 1883. From 1883 until 1908, more than 200 stillbirths were recorded.

The index for this volume was created by History and Genealogy Department volunteers Anthony F. Kardis, Carole Goggin, Barbara Portell Mottin, MLS, and Mary Josephine Hughes.

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