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Sample images of naturalization record documents

Declarations of intention before Sept. 27, 1906

Michael Quinn

Timothy Mahoney

Declarations of intention, Sept. 27, 1906 and after

Meyer Berman (skipped in filming)

Robert Lecky Craig (skipped in filming)

Toni Demonte (skipped in filming)

Birtoluzsi Domenico (skipped in filiming)

Herman Robert Rudolf Lange (skipped in filiming)

Jacob Pagarelsky

Josef Pagarelsky (skipped in filiming)

Stanislaus Wolenski--In mid-1916, declaration forms began recording information about the wives of married declarants.

Proofs of declaration of intention
and stubs from citizenship certificates, Sept. 27, 1906 and after

Harry Steinberg--Out--of-state proof of declaration of intention

Harry Steinberg--Back of proof of declaration of intention showing naturalization certificate number

Harry Steinberg--Sub from citizenship certificate