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2019-2022 Strategic Plan

St. Louis County Library Mission

The mission of the St. Louis County Library District is to provide the resources and services to enrich individual minds, enhance lives and expand perspectives.

Enriching minds, Enhancing lives, Expanding perspectives



  • Customer service excellence: Committed to being the best at what we do
  • Lifelong learning: Creating access to experiences and ideas
  • Advocate for youth: Empowering children and supporting their development
  • Community engagement: Building and maintaining relationships
  • Integrity: Honoring the public's trust through wise stewardship


St. Louis County Library 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Promote Literacy and Support Lifelong Learning: We serve the community’s literacy needs from babies to adults. We are the best resource for supporting lifelong learning and individual growth.

1. Foster the love of reading.

  1. Connect the community to diverse material that responds to our patrons’ interests and aspirations
  2. Foster interaction around reading by supporting programs, events, readers’ advisory services and collections that reflect the community
  3. Offer author events to connect the community to new materials and ideas

2. Support literacy skills as critical tools for successful lives.

  1. Create opportunities for the development of emergent literacy skills to support the development of the community’s children
  2. Reach out to immigrants by supporting those learning English as a second language
  3. Support the development of reading skills for all readers, regardless of age
  4. Provide programs and services that promote financial, health, civic, technological and information literacy

3. Provide opportunities for learning and skill development to support lifelong learning.

  1. Create learning opportunities that teach 21st century workforce skills
  2. Support economic success by providing access to services, training, resources and community support
  3. Provide the community with the technological resources and support to stay connected and informed
  4. Encourage curiosity by creating experiences and providing resources that educate and inspire

Foster a Sense of Community and Social Connectedness: We understand the needs of our communities and look for opportunities to support understanding and enrich the lives of our patrons.

1. Represent inclusion and equity in our services, staff, programs and collections.

  1. Engage all communities, races and cultures to inform our intentions and create authentic connections
  2. Hire library staff that represent the communities they serve
  3. Develop staff as library ambassadors by providing ongoing training
  4. Create services that strengthen neighborhoods and welcome all

2. Respond to the unique character of our individual communities.

  1. Establish creative and mutually supportive partnerships that support our ability to meet community needs
  2. Identify and engage the underserved such as teens, LGBTQA+, veterans, immigrants, the homeless, and the disabled
  3. Create dynamic and engaging programs that provide for the needs of the community

Maximize Access and Impact: We strive to increase the reach and accessibility of the library’s resources and services.

1. Provide a network of services that are convenient and accessible.

  1. Encourage library use by offering an increased level of convenience to our patrons
  2. Anticipate and respond to specific needs with targeted outreach
  3. Use outreach as a marketing tool for creating library champions throughout the community
  4. Engage the community with innovative programs and services

2. Provide welcoming spaces that promote community and inspire curiosity and creativity.

  1. Use architecture and design to make branches into destinations
  2. Offer spaces for specific needs, i.e. quiet study, group meetings, etc.
  3. Utilize green space as an extension of our branches
  4. Provide safe places to visit and work

3. Use marketing techniques to increase community awareness of the library.

  1. Promote the library brand with sponsored and promotional advertising
  2. Target messages to specific audiences
  3. Create and maintain regular methods of communicating with patrons
  4. Maintain the public website and mobile app to offer easy access and usability
  5. Encourage staff to be proactive in promoting library programs and services