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Take educational quizzes on English, geography, math, and science. Ad revenue goes to the United Nations World Food Programme to provide help for children and their families. Access using a browser, Android app, or iOS app.


Participate in university courses on a variety of subjects. Courses are free for the duration of the course + 14 days. Further access requires payment.

Gale Business: Plan Builder

Gale Business: Plan Builder is a step-by-step online planning tool to help you write a plan for your business or nonprofit organization.  Choose from a variety of business plan formats and Plan Builder will guide you through each section of your business plan, and when you are done you will have a formatted, organized, professional-looking document.  The first time you use Plan Builder you will need to create a username and password.  

Gale Directory Library

The Gale Directory Library (GDL) is a digital platform that lets users access directories – that is, extensive listings of companies, organizations, publications, people, products, and more. With GDL, users can cross-search multiple directory products or search a single title. 

Gale Literature

Searches across Literature Resource Center and Literature Criticism Online to find full text of literary works, journal articles, literature criticism, reviews, biographical information and overviews.

General OneFile

Comprehensive general interest resource providing periodical and news information. Also includes Fodor travel guides, NPR programs, and more than 20 reference sets on a wide range of topics.

Genetics Home Reference

From the National Library of Medicine, this website has consumer health information about genetic conditions as well as the genes responsible for those conditions.  Includes descriptions of symptoms, the diagnostic process and treatment options, as well as links to reliable genetics resources for students and teachers and introductory explanations of genetics concepts.