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Construction Notice

The Clark Family Branch (formerly Headquarters) is closed for construction. Patrons can visit the Oak Bend Branch during construction.

#1 bestselling suspense writer Jeffery Deaver returns with a twisty thriller starring forensic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme and detective Amelia Sachs. When a construction crane mysteriously collapses, causing mass destruction and injury, Rhyme and Sachs are on the case. A political group claims responsibility for the sabotage and threatens another attack in twenty-four hours. Then a clue reveals to Rhyme that his nemesis, known as the Watchmaker, has come to town to fulfill his promise of murdering the criminalist. Now Rhyme and Sachs have to dodge his brilliant scheme, while racing against time to stop the construction site terrorists.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Books available from The Novel Neighbor.

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Jeffery Deaver - “The Watchmaker’s Hand: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel” book cover and color author photo