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"The Hotel Between" by Sean Easley

hotelysbookcoverThe Hotel Between--halfway between here, there and everywhere.

Twelve year old twins Cam and Cass have lived with their Oma since their parents went missing. When Cam finds a door that looks out of place in a strip mall, he never dreams it could lead to such a fantastical place as the Hotel Between. The hotel is a place where every door leads to someplace different. Cam has been dreaming of it since he turned twelve.

"Lalani of the Distant Sea" by Erin Entrada Kelly

lalaniysbookcoverAll her life, Lalani has watched sailors leave her island home searching for the fabled Mount Isa, only to never return.

When her life and her island are beset by tragedies, Lalani steals a boat and sets out to find Mount Isa herself. The closer she gets to her goal, the more peril she encounters. Can this twelve -year old girl do what more experienced sailors have not?