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Art Acquisition Policy

(Adopted by the Library Board on April 21, 2014)

St. Louis County Library District (the "Library District" ) may elect to purchase art or receive gifts of art in various forms for display throughout the Library District. The following criteria shall be considered in selecting/receiving works of art:

  • Artistic merit, meeting acceptable artistic standards and appropriateness for the library setting;
  • Standard of quality suitable for long term display in a public building and/or the durability of the item;
  • Appropriateness of the size, scale, material and form for the library environment, including the ease and safety of the art's display;
  • Availability of a suitable location in or around Library District property for the display of the proposed art;
  • Cost of acquisition and availability of funding for the acquisition;
  • Cost and ability to provide ongoing care and maintenance, including the art's installation, conservation, security, insurance and storage;
  • Compatibility with the architectural style of the Library District's buildings;
  • Compatibility of the item with the mission of the Library District.

Art which is donated will be considered property of the Library District.  The Library District will not accept works of art with restrictions or conditions.  Art which is property of the Library District  may be taken off display, relocated, disposed of in an appropriate manner as determined in the sole discretion of the Library District, and/or be sold for the benefit of the Library District.

The work of art must come to the Library District with clear documentation of current ownership and provenance.  The work and ownership of the art must be consistent with all Federal laws and treatises regarding the import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural property. 

The views expressed in the art displayed in or around the Library District's properties are those of the artists and not necessarily those of the Library District, the Board, its staff or supporting organizations.  All potential art purchases and donations must be approved by the Library Director or the Director's designee(s).  Any art purchase must comply with purchasing policies as set by the St. Louis County Library Board of Trustees.  The Library District reserves the right to decline art donations and it cannot provide appraisals of gifts which are accepted.