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Branches & Services

All locations of St. Louis County Library will reopen to the public with limited capacity and limited services on June 18, 2020. 

Branch Hours

Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

We are taking a number of precautions to prioritize the health and safety of our staff and patrons. Guidelines and recommendations set forth by government (federal, state, and local) and public health departments will impact how we are able to operate and offer services.

 Branches will be open for the following activities:

  • Computer Use
  • Browsing the collection
  • Checking out materials
  • Scanning, faxing, and photocopying
  • Returns of larger items

Limitations and Restrictions of Facilities and Services

All patrons nine and older will be asked to wear masks to be admitted to the library.
Patrons who do not have a mask will be issued a disposable mask for free.

Location Building Capacity Limits Public Computer Limits
Bridgeton Trails 15 8
Cliff Cave 15 8
Daniel Boone 20 10
Eureka Hills 6 2
Florissant Valley 20 10
Grand Glaize 15 8
Grant's View 20 8
Headquarters 20 10
Indian Trails 15 8
Jamestown Bluffs 15 8
Lewis & Clark 20 20
Meramec Valley 15 6
Mid-County 15 8
Natural Bridge 20 20
Oak Bend 15 8
Prairie Commons 15 8
Rock Road 15 8
Samuel C. Sachs 15 8
Thornhill 15 8
Weber Road 15 8
  • A limited number of patrons will be allowed in buildings.
  • All library usage will be limited to a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Computer usage will be limited to a maximum of 45 minutes.  
  • Employee assistance may be limited.  
  • Other than chairs at computer tables, there will be no seating.
  • Copying, scanning, faxing, and retrieval of printouts will be performed by employees.
  • Public restroom access will be limited to one patron at a time.  
  • Meeting, Quiet, and Study Rooms will remain closed.
  • Discovery Zones will be inaccessible.
  • History and Genealogy services are offered via email and phone. Appointments may be arranged if needed.  

Additional Measures to Keep Patrons and Staff Safe

  • Requiring staff to wear masks and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Installing plexiglass shields at selected service points.
  • Advising staff to limit interactions.  
  • Quarantining returned library materials for 72 hours.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing regularly throughout the buildings.
  • Providing hand-sanitizing stations and encouraging frequent hand washing.
  • Maintaining at least six feet of distance from staff and other patrons.
  • SLCL encourages anyone experiencing symptoms of any illness to stay home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I have in the branch?

Time limits are in place  to give others the opportunity to use our resources given our capacity limits. All visitors will be given 60 minutes in the branch. Computer usage is limited to 45 minutes.

How do I get into the branch?

Each building will have one designated entrance. This will be the only point through which patrons will enter and exit the building.

Will I have to wait in line?

You may be asked to wait in line until we have space for additional patrons. While in line, please follow social distancing guidelines and keep six feet between you and other patrons. A staff member will let you know when you may enter the library.

Why are there limits on how many people can be in a branch?

In accordance with recommendations from the State of Missouri and St. Louis County, and in recognition of best practices established by other public libraries, we have set our maximum occupancy numbers for each building at a level that ensures adequate social distancing and provides a reasonable ability for employees to monitor and assist patrons during their visits.  Signs will be posted at the entrance to alert patrons to these requirements and limitations.

Is the History and Genealogy Department open?

History and Genealogy staff are available through email (Lookup Services) or phone (314-994-3300).  Online research sources are still available. Appointments may be available.

Computer Usage and More

Can I use a computer?

Computer usage will be offered on a walk-in basis only.  No advanced reservations will be made for computer access.  Those using a computer will be given a pass instead of using a library card.  45 minutes at which time the patron’s session will be terminated. Customary warnings will be issued to alert the patron of the approaching time limit.

Can a staff member help me at the computer?

The ability of employees to provide computer assistance may be limited due to social distancing requirements, time constraints on the employees, and computer time limits.

Is scanning, faxing, and copying services available?

No direct patron access to the Simple Scan and copiers will be permitted.  Instead, employees will perform the desired functions for patrons following their directions.  No fees will be charged for these services during Phase Two.  The same limit of 60 pages applies to all three services.

Patrons will be encouraged to utilize the self-checkout station as often as possible. 

Materials may be checked out by employees at the main service desk upon request.

How is SLCL keeping its staff safe?

Staff have been provided masks for all staff and require they be worn when traveling throughout the library, when working with colleagues and during public service interactions.

We encourage frequent handwashing and using hand sanitizer between each patron interaction. Workstations and other high-touch areas will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

What if I do not feel comfortable coming into the library?

If a family member or friend is available to pick up your holds, you can give them your library card to check out your materials. Curbside service is also available. Check out our Virtual Branch. We are always expanding our offerings. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

Requesting and Returning Materials

Are my library items overdue and will I get fines?

Due dates on materials have been extended until June 30. Overdue fines will not be charged.

How can I return my materials?

Book drops are open and accepts the following items: books, DVDs, CDs, video games, audiobooks, playaways and hotspots.

Larger items should be returned during regular hours to the designated returns location at each branch.

Staff will not be able to accept items in person, patrons should not leave materials outside on library grounds.

Can I donate books?

We are unable to accept any material donations until further notice.

How can I pick-up my holds?

Once notified that items that you have preselected have arrived you have two options:
Visit your home branch to pick-up the items or use our contact-free Curbside service.

E-Media and Electronic Resources

Does the library offer any resources or entertainment through online access?

SLCL continues to offer access to resources such as streaming content and online learning even though our branches are closed. Visit our Virtual Branch for details. To access content you will need a valid library card. On the Virtual Branch page is a link to apply for an online library card if you do not have a card. If you experience account issues when trying to access material on our Virtual Branch, complete the Contact Us form.

I’m trying to access my account, but don’t remember my PIN?

If you forgot your PIN or need to reset your PIN, complete this form.

What if I experience technical issues when accessing eMedia materials?

Look for the Get Assistance links on our eMedia page. If additional support is needed, see if our Book A Trainer service would be a good match.

Events and Programs

Is the Summer Reading Club being offered this year?

Yes, Summer Reading Club will be offered entirely online this year. All ages can participate.

The club begins Monday, June 1 and runs until August 8. Learn more

Are you still hosting author events and programs?

Yes! Check out our Virtual Branch. We are always expanding our offerings.

Book a Librarian and Book a Trainer services now offer one-on-one online appointments.

Can you tell me more about Meal service, Diaper Distribution, and Period Supply Kits?

St. Louis County Library and Operation Food Search are providing drive-thru food pick-up for children from 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week at select SLCL branches. More information about drive-Thru Meals. Children do not need to be present to receive the meals.

St. Louis County Library is partnering with the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank to provide families in need with drive-thru emergency diapers at four library branches. Period supply kits will also be available from the St. Louis Alliance for Period Supplies on Fridays. More information about Drive-Thru Emergency Diapers. Children MUST be present in order to receive emergency diapers.

How can I make a donation?

If you are considering a monetary donation, you can donate through the St. Louis County Library Foundation. They are currently supporting some of the costs associated with the Drive Thru Meals and the Drive Thru Emergency Diapers events.

If you are considering a donation of goods, Operation Food Search may be contacted to donate food, and the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank will gladly accept diaper donations. The library will also accept donations of unopened diaper packs at the 9 locations hosting Drive-thru Meals, on behalf of the St Louis Area Diaper Bank.