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Women's Issues & Identities: Gale Primary Sources

From Gale, access primary sources that trace the path of women's issues from past to present.  Discover manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals and more that demonstrate the foundation of women's struggles and triumphs.  With over one million never-before-digitized pages, you can take a deep dive into pioneers of women's movements and the social, political, and professional achievements of women throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced, designed to support personalized learning, is an excellent resource for high school and college students as well as life-long learners.  In addition to trusted encyclopedia articles from World Book, you can also find over 600 global newspapers and government websites from around the world.  For educators, you can also access primary sources with advanced lesson plans and assessments for the classroom. Click here for a video tutorial about using this resource.

World Book Online

All World Book products temporarily available.

Online access to all World Book Encyclopedia products: Early Learning, Kids, Student, Advanced, Timelines, eBooks, Activity Corner, Discover, Dramatic Learning, Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos, Banco de Contenidos aulaPlaneta, Kids eLearn, L'Encyclopedie Decouverte, Science Power, and Social Studies Power.  World Book has also created a Distance Learning Guide about Tools for Parents, Caregivers, and TeachersClick here for a video tutorial about using this resource.