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Biology Online

Information on the life sciences. Contains a dictionary (with British spellings) of over 1600 terms, tutorials, and a directory of biology Web sites. Best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Book Spot

Includes links to bestseller lists such as the New York Times and USA Today, book awards, book reviews, reading lists and sites focusing on specific genres.


Provides reviews, but also features biographies and bibliographies of writers. Offers readers opportunities to interact via “Word of Mouth”, reader-recommended books as well as surveys of readers’ opinions on book-related questions.

Calculators Online

A huge, organized list of over 11,000 links to Web pages that perform calculations and conversions for you. Has 4 sections: an Alphabetical subject list, Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. Subjects areas include such diverse topics as cooking & beverage, cinematography, marriage, and welding.