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(Approved by the Library Board May 17, 1999. Revised May 18, 2015)

The St. Louis County Library offers exhibit and display space for public use on an equitable basis, subject to the following guidelines.  Displays and exhibits must be of an educational, cultural, civic, charitable or recreational nature. Library space may not be used for commercial purposes; partisan political purposes; to advocate or solicit support for one candidate or cause; or to present material that violates the law or is obscene. Displays and exhibits must be appropriate for a public library setting (i.e., one that is free and open to persons of all ages).  Criteria for selection may be based on the suitability of the presentation for the intended audience; relevance to programs, events, history, and region; interest of the community; previous usage and topics; and availability of space. Permission for or selection of an individual or group to exhibit or display work at a St. Louis County Library location ("Exhibitor") does not constitute the Library's endorsement of their work or beliefs.  The Library retains the right to cancel or re-schedule exhibits and displays if the space is needed for programming or other projects in support of the Library's mission, and it will make every effort to notify the individual or group scheduled to use the space in advance.

The Library provides locked display cases suitable for exhibiting books, collectibles, ceramics, etc. Reservations for display cases may be made up to twelve (12) months in advance for a one (1) month period. The estimated value of the exhibit is required prior to installation.

The Library also considers collections of paintings, prints, sketches, or other objects for floor, table or shelf displays. This includes traveling exhibits selected by the Library as well as those prepared by local organizations or institutions. An estimated value of the display is required prior to installation. 

Proposals for exhibits and displays should be made to the Library Branch Manager, who retains responsibility for approval in accordance with this policy.  Proposing an exhibit or display does not guarantee acceptance.  

Transportation, installation and removal of exhibits and displays are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor, and must not result in any physical damage to the building.  Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage resulting from usage of the space, as assessed by the Library. The Library does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of any item exhibited or displayed, and all exhibits and displays are at the Exhibitor's risk.

If the Library must dismantle an exhibit or display because it is not removed as scheduled or as directed, the Library is not responsible for any damages and the Exhibitor may be billed for such removal.  The Library is not responsible for storing materials or equipment left by any Exhibitor and will not be liable for loss, theft or damage thereto.  The Library will dispose of abandoned exhibit and display material after reasonable efforts have been made to contact the Exhibitor.