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(Adopted by the Library Board on April 20, 2009; revised December 21, 2015; September 26, 2022)

The St. Louis County Library strives to provide and maintain an environment in which patrons are able to use the Library's resources, services and programs as effectively as possible. A photography and recording policy has been established to govern photography and the use of recording devices by Library employees and the public in order to ensure that this activity does not interfere with the provision of Library services and that personal privacy is maintained.

Library's Photography/Recording

The Library reserves the right to document its services and the public's use of the Library by taking photographs and making video or audio recordings of its programs, events, activities and their participants for use in brochures, flyers, web pages, news releases, or other promotional materials.  To ensure the privacy of all individuals, including children, images will not be identified using personal identifying information or full names without prior approval from the photographed subject or parent/guardian if a minor.   Those wishing not to be photographed or recorded should inform the photographer or a Library employee. This policy extends to photographs and recording by Library employees or contracted employees at Library Foundation events.

Others' Photography/Recording

Casual amateur photography and recording for personal use is permitted under most circumstances as long as it does not create a disruption or intrude on the personal space of other library users or otherwise violate any other library policy, including the Library Code of Conduct.

No commercial photography or recording in Library facilities is permissible without the express written permission of the Library Director or the Director's designee, which shall set forth the conditions under which the photography or recording may take place. The Library requires credit, in print, in any finished product when photographs/video recordings are used for commercial purposes. 

Non-flash photography is permitted at Library programs and events for personal use, not for publication or broadcast, provided that it is not disruptive and does not capture any identifiable likenesses of individuals without their permission. Taking photographs at author events is subject to the wishes of the individual author. Video recording of Library programs and events is strictly prohibited.

The Library welcomes news media photographers and reporters documenting stories or projects that directly involve the Library and its programs, resources and services, provided that advance notice is given, patron use of the Library is not impeded, and the provisions of this policy are followed.

Community organizations holding scheduled events or meetings in the Library study or meeting rooms may arrange for their own photography or video recording of their event. Such photography and video recording must be for personal use, not for publication or broadcast and is restricted to the space reserved by the group.

Any authorization granted pursuant to this policy to permit photography or filming may be revoked at any time upon failure to comply with the terms of this policy or other rules and regulations of the Library.