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Project Status

Completed April 2022.

Project Details

New 75,100 square foot administrative library building located at 1412 S. Spoede Road in Frontenac, Missouri. 

The building will serve as the center of the Library’s operations. All materials processing, mobile services,  program development, information technology, marketing, and administration for SLCL’s 20-branch system will be located here. The St. Louis County Library Foundation will also be at this location.  

SLCL has taken measures to ensure the new administrative library building is a good fit for the neighborhood. The design includes plans to help minimize traffic concerns, plant new, healthy trees and minimize light pollution.

A traffic light, paid for by the Library District, will be installed at the corner of Spoede and South Forty Drive to help improve traffic flow. Landscaping for the project will include the planting of 247 new trees. The building will feature site lighting designed to reduce spillover into the surrounding neighborhood.

The footprint of the building is 39,970 square feet. The planned parking area is visually screened by layers of trees and landscaping. The building was designed in cooperation with MSD; bio-retention water quality basins will treat 100% of rainwater runoff prior to releasing it to the storm sewer system.


Lamar Johnson Collaborative