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MOBIUS is a group of regional libraries in MO and nearby states that share over 30 million items. Cardholders can borrow material free of charge from other MOBIUS libraries.

MOBIUS Circulation Rules

  • MOBIUS book and audiobook checkouts are 28 days. AV checkouts are 10 days.
  • Books and audiobooks will be on the holdshelf for 6 days.
  • AV materials have a 5 day limit on the holdshelf.
  • Books may be renewed twice, if there are no holds.
  • There are NO renewals on AV material.


General Questions

Search the SLCL/SLPL shared catalog for the title you want to borrow. If the title is available in our catalog, you should place a hold on that title. If we do not have the title you want, click the "Search MOBIUS" button. The catalog will automatically re-send your search to the MOBIUS catalog. The next screen you see will be a search results screen from MOBIUS.

If you locate the title you want in the MOBIUS catalog, click on the title to go to the full record.

To place a hold on the title, select the "Place a hold" link.

In the "Let's find your institution" dropdown box, choose "St Louis County Library."

On the next screen, choose the branch where you want to pick up the title.

If the title has volumes (ex: Fodor’s Hawaii with volumes for 2020, 2021, 2022, etc), you may be asked to choose which copy you want to request. Click to select the radio button to the left of the title, and then click the "Request Selected Item" button.

You will receive a confirmation that your request was successful.

You can view titles you have placed on hold by logging into your account.


No. MOBIUS items are virtual, and are not saved to your reading history when the item is returned.

MOBIUS is a separate group of libraries that set their own circulation rules. We cannot override these rules for any reason.

Yes, we share most material with MOBIUS libraries however, we do not share bestseller items, video games, internet devices, periodicals, reference, or genealogy items.

MOBIUS patrons will not be able to place a hold on items that have a holds queue.

Checkout/Holds Limits

You can have a combined total of 5 MOBIUS holds and checkouts at one time. Titles remain on your account from the time they are requested until they arrive back to the owning library. Holds and checkouts both count toward the limit of 5. 

Yes. You cannot transfer a MOBIUS hold to another patron (parent to child, spouse to spouse, for example).

You can have a combined total of 5 MOBIUS holds and checkouts at one time. Holds and checkouts both count toward the limit of 5.

MOBIUS items are not owned by St Louis County Library. While we would like to offer the same time period for all items on the holdshelf, these rules are governed by the owning libraries.

Renewals, Recalls, Overdues & Bills

Print and audiobook MOBIUS Items may be renewed for 2 additional 28 day periods, if there is not a holds queue. AV items cannot be renewed. 

If the item is eligible for renewal, it can be renewed automatically 1 day before the due date, when the due date reminder is sent.

Yes. Any time after checkout you can chose to renew the item up to its renewal limit, provided there are no holds on the item.

If we make a change to a due date on our system, that change is not reflected in the lending library’s system. So, if we override our system to extend a due-date for you, the other library’s system will not reflect that change, and will still expect the item back on the original due date.

At any time during a checkout period, the lending library has the ability to recall any item that they need back. If an item is recalled, the patron who has checked out the item has 7 days to return the item, regardless of the original due date.

Please use all possible renewal time to look for the item. If you still cannot locate the item, contact the library at 314-994-3300.

All MOBIUS libraries are obligated to issue invoices that reflect their actual cost to replace the lost item. Depending on the availability of a replacement, the cost can vary greatly. Please contact us at 314-994-3300, and we will contact the owning library to negotiate the replacement charge on your behalf.

MOBIUS items are removed from your account upon check-in. If the item is mistakenly not checked in at the SLCL branch where you returned it, we must wait for the item to physically get to the owning library to verify it has returned and remove it from your account at that time. Transit times vary depending on which MOBIUS member library it was borrowed from, but usually will arrive back in 10-15 business days. If the item is still on your account after 28 business days, you may contact our Interlibrary Loan department at 314-994-3300.

MOBIUS vs Interlibrary Loan

No. We are able to fill most requests using MOBIUS, but we still offer traditional Interlibrary loan. When MOBIUS does not have an item, or the item is not available to hold, traditional interlibrary loan will be offered to adult and minor resident cardholders.

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