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The St. Louis County Library Foundation and The Novel Neighbor Present #1 Bestselling Fantasy Author Lev Grossman

Author of “The Bright Sword: A Novel of King Arthur

In conversation with bestselling science fiction author Ann Leckie

The #1 bestselling author of the Magicians trilogy returns with a triumphant reimagining of the King Arthur legend. A young knight named Collum arrives at Camelot to compete for a spot on the Round Table, only to find that he’s too late. The king died two weeks ago, leaving no heir. Only a handful of the knights of the Round Table survive. They aren’t the heroes of legend, like Lancelot or Gawain. They’re the oddballs of the Round Table, from the edges of the stories. Led by Morgan le Fay, the fairies, monsters, and old gods are returning. It is up to Collum and his ragtag fellowship to reclaim Excalibur and rebuild Camelot in a world that has lost its balance. 

Doors open at 3:00 p.m.

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