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You can now print from your laptop or mobile device, or even print documents from home and pick them up at your preferred library.


Set Up Your Account

First, you will need to set up a MobilePrint account by visiting one of our locations.

You MUST be on one of our public computers to do this.

  • Send an email message to
  • You will receive a response in your inbox shortly. Click the link that says “Click to register your email address.”
  • You will be directed to the SLCL MobilePrint User Center. Enter your  library card and pin number in the two boxes provided. Your email address will be automatically registered to your library card account.
  • You willl receive another message in your email inbox saying, “All of your documents are ready for release.” 


Start Printing

When you want to print something, attach it to an email message and send it to (for black and white) or to (for color).

You can attach several documents to the same message. Or, instead of attaching a document, you can put the text you want to print in the body of your email message.

Within 48 hours of when you send the message, go to the print station at any branch and log in with your library card number to print your documents.

Printing Costs

Black & white and color printing is available at all branch locations. 

  • Black and white printouts are .10¢
  • Color printouts are .25¢.

Each library cardholder will receive a monthly credit of $5.00 for computer printouts.

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