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September 25, 1989–April 25, 1990

Photocopies of indexed articles may be requested by email from the History and Genealogy Department. Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library's lookup policy.

Last Name First Name Date  Page Notes
Abdullah Lemay 13-Oct-1989 43  
Abdullah Lemay 14-Oct-1989 18  
Adams Blanche G 3-Oct-1989 25  
Adams Laverne S 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Adams Helen M 1-Feb-1990 35  
Adams James 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Adams  Laverne S 8-Dec-1989 43  
Adelmann Mildred M 13-Feb-1990 35 See Mayer
Agnew Nancy A 26-Dec-1989 35 See Oppelt
Aigler Margaret G 12-Jan-1990 35  
Alabash Luch 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Alabash Luch 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Albrecht Robert 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Albrecht Florence E 18-Jan-1990 35  
Alewel Olive C 23-Apr-1990 30  
Alewel Lovey 23-Apr-1990 30  
Alewel Olive C 24-Apr-1990 26  
Alewel Lovey 24-Apr-1990 26  
Allan William J 10-Jan-1990 35  
Allbritton Andrew 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Allen Florence A 26-Jan-1990 39  
Allen William A 26-Jan-1990 39  
Allen Ricky 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Almstedt Gertrude E 18-Oct-1989 39 See Gruber
Almstedt Gertrude E 19-Oct-1989 34 See Gruber
Almstedt Cornelia A 24-Apr-1990 26 See Fitzgerald
Amell Ruby F 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Amis Edwin A 23-Apr-1990 30  
Anderson Clarence E 10-Jan-1990 35  
Anderson Robert W 10-Apr-1990 26  
Anderson Mary Sharon 23-Apr-1990 30  
Andrews Catherine R 19-Jan-1990 39 See Heimbuecher
Angelbeck Charles J 30-Jan-1990 35  
Anier Theresa V 28-Dec-1989 35 See Scheine
April Lorraine M 5-Oct-1989 34  
Arena Shirley A 21-Mar-1990 31 See Knelange
Arkebauer Harry H 4-Oct-1989 34  
Armoneit Della E 17-Oct-1989 39  
Armour Norma P 9-Nov-1989 39 See Wendt
Arnold Elmer W 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Ashley Ruth L 14-Nov-1989 39  
Ashmore Melvin W 23-Apr-1990 30  
Atkins Terry D 13-Mar-1990 35 Article
Aubuchon Irma Marie Baugh 23-Apr-1990 30 See Kern
Austin James C 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Avery Martha 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Avison Edward S 7-Nov-1989 39  
Babor Patricia A 4-Dec-1989 39 See Bohringer
Babor Patricia A 5-Dec-1989 39 See Bohringer
Back Alice C 27-Oct-1989 39  
Badovinac John J 14-Oct-1989 18  
Bailey Alma E 3-Oct-1989 25  
Bailey Debbie Lynn 1-Feb-1990 35 See Ray
Bailey George F 24-Apr-1990 26  
Bailey George F 25-Apr-1990 26  
Baker Rosie 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Baker Florence M 18-Dec-1989 39 Article
Baker Rosie 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Baldwin Delores E 14-Oct-1989 18 See Smith
Ball David H 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Ball Ethel E 20-Mar-1990 35  
Ball  Agnes A 12-Oct-1989 39 See Jearlds
Ballmann Helen C 4-Oct-1989 34  
Baltz Arlyne Marie 5-Oct-1989 34 See Roche
Baltz Arlyne Marie 6-Oct-1989 38 See Roche
Bamvakais Robert  17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Bamvakais Robert P 19-Feb-1990 39  
Bangert-Troske Louise A 28-Dec-1989 35  
Barbagallo Antoinette 10-Apr-1990 26 See Kessler
Barisch Hortense R 29-Dec-1989 39  
Barisch Rae 29-Dec-1989 39  
Barklage Edmund C Jr 19-Feb-1990 39  
Barks Lora M 2-Oct-1989 30 See Weik
Barks Lora M 3-Oct-1989 25 See Weik
Barnes Hayden J 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Barrelmeyer Edna Kroemeke 28-Dec-1989 35 See Sieveking
Barrelmeyer Edna Kroemeke 29-Dec-1989 39 See Sieveking
Barrett Helen Louise 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Barrett Helen 1-Nov-1989 34  
Barrett Helen 2-Nov-1989 39  
Barrett Anna T 27-Nov-1989 36  
Barrett Anna T 28-Nov-1989 39  
Barrett Harry F 21-Feb-1990 28  
Bartels Roger E 15-Sep-1989 38  
Bartels Roger E 14-Jun-1989 31  
Bartholomew Harland 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Bartholomew Harland 8-Dec-1989 43  
Baseel Mamie T 3-Feb-1990 32  
Basta Sam 25-Apr-1990 26  
Bateiger Edward L 14-Oct-1989 18  
Batek Marie Y 25-Jan-1990 35 See Smith
Bates Dorothy 2-Oct-1989 30 See Lowrey
Bates June 2-Oct-1989 30 See Lowrey
Batteiger Edward L 15-Oct-1989 43  
Batteiger Ruth P 23-Apr-1990 30 See Hellwege
Bauer Kathleen J 7-Nov-1989 39  
Bauer Gilbert E 18-Mar-1990 35  
Baugh Bernice M 19-Feb-1990 39 See Holland
Baugh William J 13-Mar-1990 35  
Baum Paul L 22-Mar-1990 35  
Bauman Harvey L 19-Jan-1990 39  
Baumann Nancy P 9-Nov-1989 39  
Baumann Karl R 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Bauza M Fortunata 10-Apr-1990 26  
Beasley Johnny 23-Apr-1990 30 Article
Beatty Marie A 6-Dec-1989 35  
Becker Emma B 19-Oct-1989 34 See Monken
Becker Gertrude G 25-Oct-1989 39  
Becker Theodore H 14-Dec-1989 39  
Becker Ted  14-Dec-1989 39  
Becker Charles J 28-Dec-1989 35  
Becker Ruth M 17-Jan-1990 39  
Behle Ruth A 29-Sep-1989 14  
Behrens Margaret P 14-Dec-1989 39  
Behrens Helen M 1-Feb-1990 35 See Adams
Belaska Frank J Jr 23-Apr-1990 30  
Belaska Frank J Jr 24-Apr-1990 26  
Bell James J 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Bell Helen L 22-Mar-1990 35 See Gronemeyer
Bellm Leonard H 8-Nov-1989 34 Article
Bellos Nora E 20-Dec-1989 39  
Bender Flora C 21-Mar-1990 31  
Bene Vincent L 17-Oct-1989 39  
Bene Florence W 13-Feb-1990 35 See Sullivan
Bennett Raymond H 19-Dec-1989 39  
Bentz Deloris M 27-Nov-1989 36  
Benz Edward J 16-Oct-1989 39  
Bergmann Ruth M 15-Oct-1989 43  
Bernsen Mary E 19-Oct-1989 34 See Kenny
Bernsen Betty 19-Oct-1989 34 See Kenny
Berryman Roseanne 21-Feb-1990 28 See Newcomb
Bertel Ralph A 12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Berzinas Frank Jr 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Beseneker Margaret 30-Jan-1990 35 See Reno
Beynon Gladys Lee 24-Feb-1990 33  
Bibko John Michael 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Bibko John Michael 10-Nov-1989 39  
Bick Helen M 11-Oct-1989 34  
Bicklein Walter P 19-Mar-1990 39  
Biedermann Cornelia R 30-Oct-1989 39 See Watson
Bilger James L 26-Oct-1989 39  
Billington Edith 23-Nov-1989 43  
Billington Edith Y 24-Nov-1989 43  
Billups Elsa P 8-Dec-1989 43  
Binder Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35 See Heitz
Binder Irma L 12-Mar-1990 39  
Binder Irma L 13-Mar-1990 35  
Bippen Kenneth R 3-Feb-1990 32  
Bird Helen M 11-Oct-1989 34 See Bick
Biretello Genevieve B 22-Mar-1990 35 See Papa
Biretello Genevieve B 23-Mar-1990 13 See Papa
Birka Larry D 12-Nov-1989 32  
Birka Larry D 13-Nov-1989 39  
Birkla Larry D 12-Nov-1989 32 Article
Bishop Ethel M 15-Jan-1990 35 See Vatterott
Bishop Ethel M 16-Jan-1990 31 See Vatterott
Bitting Esther Capen 15-Jan-1990 35  
Bitting Esther Capen 16-Jan-1990 31 Article
Bitting Esther Capen 16-Jan-1990 31  
Blair Amanda Lois 13-Dec-1989 39  
Blair Amanda Lois 14-Dec-1989 39  
Blase  Louis F 12-Jan-1990 35  
Bletcher Martha M 14-Oct-1989 18  
Block Anthony A 4-Dec-1989 39  
Block Tony 4-Dec-1989 39  
Block Anthony A 5-Dec-1989 39  
Block Tony 5-Dec-1989 39  
Block Thomas W 10-Apr-1990 26  
Bloss Ruth E 30-Jan-1990 35 Article
Blue Walter A 21-Apr-1990 32 Article
Bluemlein George L Jr 21-Dec-1989 39  
Blumenkamp Hazel S 11-Dec-1989 39  
Bocquillon Antoinette 8-Dec-1989 43 See King
Bodendeck Genevieve L 20-Dec-1989 39 See Eschenbrenner
Bodendeck Genevieve L 21-Dec-1989 39 See Eschenbrenner
Boeckmann Alphonse F 4-Dec-1989 39  
Boeckmann Alphonse F 5-Dec-1989 39  
Boeckstiegel May 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Boedeker Henry G 6-Oct-1989 38  
Boerner Dorothy L 17-Feb-1990 39  
Boettcher William H 4-Oct-1989 34  
Bohon Alice Lee 26-Dec-1989 35 See Walker
Bohringer Patricia A 4-Dec-1989 39  
Bohringer Patricia A 5-Dec-1989 39  
Bohstedt Stephen C 7-Dec-1989 39  
Bohstedt Stephen C 8-Dec-1989 43  
Bokerman Margaret W 26-Dec-1989 35 See Fries
Bollwerk Joseph A 23-Mar-1990 13  
Bommarito Rosalie 13-Oct-1989 43  
Bommarito Rosalie 14-Oct-1989 18  
Bommarito Rosalie 15-Oct-1989 43  
Bommarito Carl 11-Jan-1990 31  
Bonskowski Joseph H Jr 25-Oct-1989 39  
Bonskowski Joseph H 26-Oct-1989 39  
Bopp Oscar William 13-Dec-1989 39  
Borchelt Clarence A 23-Oct-1989 34  
Borengo Marcus 15-Sep-1989 38  
Borengo Marcus 14-Jun-1989 31  
Borgman Lillian M 29-Jan-1990 35  
Boston William S 22-Nov-1989 39  
Boston William S 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Boston William S 23-Nov-1989 43  
Boswell Lester S 18-Mar-1990 35 Article
Boutwell Catherine 19-Dec-1989 39 See McNicholas
Boutwell Catherine C 20-Dec-1989 39 See McNicholas
Bowen George A 8-Nov-1989 34 Article
Box Callie 27-Oct-1989 39  
Boxx James L 21-Dec-1989 39  
Boyce Isabel Glynn 4-Dec-1989 39  
Boyer Jo Louise 21-Dec-1989 39  
Boyle Wilma M 21-Mar-1990 31  
Brackney Hilda A 12-Oct-1989 39  
Bracy Webb Brennan 7-Nov-1989 39  
Bracy Webb Brennan 8-Nov-1989 34  
Braihland Irene S 28-Nov-1989 39  
Brannan William 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Braucksieker Barbara J 13-Dec-1989 39  
Bray Richard L Sr 7-Nov-1989 39 Article
Bredenkamp Rena L 29-Nov-1989 39 See Otten
Bredenkamp Roger 10-Apr-1990 26 Article
Brennell Gerald G 30-Oct-1989 39  
Brennell Gerald G 31-Oct-1989 12 Article
Bretthauer Henry 4-Dec-1989 39 Article
Brock Mary M 3-Nov-1989 44 See Windsor
Brockhan Bert J 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Brooks McAllister B 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Brooks McAllister B 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Brown Erwin H (Red) 7-Oct-1989 42  
Brown Earnest R Jr 11-Dec-1989 39  
Brown Wendell W 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Brownlee Martha B 24-Feb-1990 33 See Howell
Bruton Albert A 2-Feb-1990 35 Article
Buchmueller Elsie B 21-Dec-1989 39 See Faerber
Budrovich Samuel L 14-Mar-1990 31  
Budrovich Samuel L 15-Mar-1990 39 Article
Buehler Louis H Sr 2-Oct-1989 30  
Buehrig Lorraine M 5-Oct-1989 34 See April
Buehrle Eugene C 24-Apr-1990 26  
Bueltmann Evelyn J 29-Nov-1989 39 See Massman
Buenemann Everett F 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Buesking Clara C 30-Oct-1989 39  
Buesking Clara C 31-Oct-1989 12  
Buhr Aurelia A 19-Feb-1990 39  
Bundeschuh Marie L 17-Jan-1990 39  
Bundschuh Helen C 17-Jan-1990 39 See Hoey
Bundschuh Marie L 18-Jan-1990 35  
Bunten Alice C 27-Oct-1989 39 See Back
Burgert James Barry 25-Apr-1990 26  
Burke Elizabeth A 3-Nov-1989 44 Article
Burke Elizabeth A 3-Nov-1989 44  
Burke Bettie 3-Nov-1989 44  
Burke Ruth K 21-Mar-1990 31  
Burke Ruth K 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Burke Ruth K 22-Mar-1990 35  
Burke Clara A 10-Apr-1990 26  
Burkhardt Ella L 13-Nov-1989 39 See Rolla
Burkhardt Ella L 15-Nov-1989 39 See Roth
Burnett Ollie Max 27-Nov-1989 36 Article
Burnett Kenneth Blake 16-Mar-1990 39  
Burns Dorothy U 20-Dec-1989 39 See Johnston
Burns Elizabeth Nolker 12-Jan-1990 35  
Busch August A Jr 30-Sep-1989 18  
Busch Gussie 30-Sep-1989 18  
Busch August A Jr 2-Oct-1989 30  
Busch Gussie 2-Oct-1989 30  
Busch Gussie 3-Oct-1989 25  
Busch  August A Jr 3-Oct-1989 25  
Busciglio Stefano 20-Mar-1990 35  
Busken Marcella A 20-Dec-1989 39  
Bussmann Mary Jane 19-Jan-1990 39 See Eldridge
Butts Flavel 19-Mar-1990 39 Article
Byrnes Francis M 19-Mar-1990 39  
Byrnes Francis M 20-Mar-1990 35 Article
Cabello Margarita L 14-Mar-1990 31  
Cabello Margarita L 16-Mar-1990 39  
Cabeloo Margarita L 15-Mar-1990 39  
Cadice Jasper 9-Oct-1989 39  
Cadice Gaspere Cavaligere 9-Oct-1989 39  
Cadice Jasper 10-Oct-1989 39 Article
Cadice Gaspere Cavaligere 10-Oct-1989 39  
Callahan Patrick R 21-Dec-1989 39  
Callahan Paul D 21-Apr-1990 32  
Calton Jerry J 3-Oct-1989 25  
Cambron John L 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Campana Judie E 2-Feb-1990 35  
Canavan James M 14-Dec-1989 39 Article
Cancienne Georgia W 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Carl Hazel 15-Sep-1989 38  
Carl Hazel 14-Jun-1989 31  
Carlson Isabella S 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Carlton Conrad B 30-Nov-1989 39  
Carlton Conrad B 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Carmack Mary E 11-Oct-1989 34 See Soffner
Carmichael Nell C 10-Oct-1989 39 See Gillham
Carmichael Nell C 11-Oct-1989 34 See Gillham
Carnathan Louise Bernice 9-Oct-1989 39 See Nehring
Carney Elva L 11-Dec-1989 39  
Carolan Leo P 26-Oct-1989 39  
Carpentier Eugenia M 15-Mar-1990 39 See Klarsch
Carrel Sarah E 14-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrel Sallie 14-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrel Sarah E 15-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrel Sallie 15-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrigan Charles 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Carroll Marie   28-Dec-1989 35  
Carroll Marie 29-Dec-1989 39  
Carter Katherine 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Carter Gladys 27-Sep-1989 28 Article
Carter Katherine 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Case Bobbie J 9-Oct-1989 39  
Casey Julia Lillian 7-Oct-1989 42 See Soraghan
Caskanett Thomas J Sr 26-Sep-1989 30  
Caspari Dorothea 24-Nov-1989 43  
Catanzaro Catherine 21-Dec-1989 39 See Vaccaro
Catanzaro Francis C 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Catanzaro Francis C 16-Mar-1990 39  
Cella Francis J 12-Dec-1989 39  
Cella Francis J 13-Dec-1989 39  
Chaber Blanche M 23-Mar-1990 13 See Drago
Chamblin Robert J 13-Mar-1990 35  
Chassaing Brooks 18-Jan-1990 35  
Chassaing Brooks 19-Jan-1990 39 Article
Chassaing Brooks 19-Jan-1990 39  
Chitwood Inetha M 26-Jan-1990 39 Article
Chocholousek Roger A 27-Oct-1989 39  
Chorn Theodora T 11-Dec-1989 39  
Chorn Teddy 11-Dec-1989 39  
Chorn Theodora T 12-Dec-1989 39  
Chorn Teddy 12-Dec-1989 39  
Chouteau Auguste X 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Chrostowski Mary J 24-Apr-1990 26 See Sawicki
Chrostowski Mary J 25-Apr-1990 26 See Sawicki
Chytla Joseph J 19-Oct-1989 34  
Clark Harrel D 1-Feb-1990 35  
Clark Ann Catherine 24-Feb-1990 33  
Clarkson Sue 15-Sep-1989 38  
Clarkson Sue 14-Jun-1989 31  
Cleveland Alice M 5-Dec-1989 39  
Cochran Della E 2-Oct-1989 30 See Costello
Cochran Melinda K 14-Jun-1989 31 Article
Coffing William S 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Cohn Bert H 26-Jan-1990 39  
Combs H Mildred 10-Jan-1990 35  
Comerio Louis Paul 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Conard Goldie F 19-Mar-1990 39 See Porter
Connaghan John D 23-Apr-1990 30  
Connaghan John 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Connaghan John D 24-Apr-1990 26  
Contini Henry E 7-Dec-1989 39  
Contini Chick 7-Dec-1989 39  
Cook William J 24-Oct-1989 39  
Cook Thelma 24-Oct-1989 39 See Greco
Cook Wanda 24-Oct-1989 39 See Greco
Corless Mildred L 13-Mar-1990 35 See St Onge
Cornwell Tabitha 15-Sep-1989 38  
Cornwell Tabitha 14-Jun-1989 31  
Coshow Edwin A 25-Apr-1990 26  
Costello Della E 2-Oct-1989 30  
Costello Anne C 10-Apr-1990 26 See Dependahl
Cox Robert E 19-Dec-1989 39 Article
Cox Robert E 19-Dec-1989 39  
Cox Oliver F 21-Feb-1990 28  
Crabtree John M 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Crabtree John M 8-Dec-1989 43  
Cracchiola Samuel L 21-Mar-1990 31  
Cracchiola Samuel L 22-Mar-1990 35  
Craden Aurelia A 19-Feb-1990 39 See Buhr
Crain Margueritte A 13-Dec-1989 39  
Crawford David 6-Nov-1989 39 Article
Crawford Joyce A 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Crider Bernard R Jr 4-Dec-1989 39  
Cronin Joseph M 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Croosich Edward A 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Croosich Edward A 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Crowe Thomas P 2-Oct-1989 30  
Crowe John R 21-Mar-1990 31  
Crowley Marie G 17-Oct-1989 39 See Hartnett
Curdt Harry J 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Curtis Stella 14-Nov-1989 39 See Portuondo
Czarnik Stella 20-Feb-1990 35 See Novak
Dalberg Mary Dorothy 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Dallavalle Theodore J 2-Nov-1989 39  
Dallavalle Theodore J 3-Nov-1989 44  
Daly Mary E 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Daly Julia M 12-Mar-1990 39  
Dames Marguerite T 19-Dec-1989 39  
Damico Rosalie 13-Oct-1989 43 See Bommarito
Damico Rosalie 14-Oct-1989 18 See Bommarito
Damico Rosalie 15-Oct-1989 43 See Bommarito
Darrough Dolores Ann 24-Jan-1990 39  
Darrough Dolores Ann 25-Jan-1990 35  
Darrough Marie H 2-Feb-1990 35  
Daues Fred C Sr 18-Dec-1989 39  
Daues Fred C Sr 19-Dec-1989 39  
Davidson Arley Maud 29-Dec-1989 39 See Nisbet
Davies Marie 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Davis Rosalie D 17-Oct-1989 39 See Pritch
Davis Ruth M 21-Nov-1989 39 See Essman
Davis Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35  
Davis Frederick C 23-Mar-1990 13 Article
Dawes Alice G 11-Dec-1989 39 See Verde
Dawes Alice G 12-Dec-1989 39 See Verde
Dawes Virginia M 2-Feb-1990 35  
Dawson Bailey 4-Oct-1989 34  
D'Dea Rosalie 5-Dec-1989 39 Article
DeBlase Frances Margaret 20-Oct-1989 43 See Longo
DeBlaze Joseph 14-Nov-1989 39  
DeBlaze  Joseph 13-Nov-1989 39  
DeCecco Louise 24-Apr-1990 26 See Vansaghi
Delunas Frank R 26-Jan-1990 39  
Dempster Lois A 14-Oct-1989 18 See Froesel
Denham Elmer C 30-Oct-1989 39  
Denner Kurt A 19-Jan-1990 39  
Dependahl Ann C 10-Apr-1990 26  
Dependahl Pearl A 10-Apr-1990 26  
DeSchane Luie Louise 11-Oct-1989 34  
Detmer Leonard Fred 26-Dec-1989 35  
Deukmejian Mary A 24-Nov-1989 43 Article
Deuser Louise A 8-Dec-1989 43 See Wind 
Devine Edward C 6-Oct-1989 38  
Devine Corine A 13-Dec-1989 39  
Dewille Joseph Jr 3-Feb-1990 32  
Diana Nora E 20-Dec-1989 39 See Bellos
Dickie Roy Alexander 23-Apr-1990 30 Article
Dickie Roy A 23-Apr-1990 30  
Dieckhaus Mae A 20-Mar-1990 35  
Diekemper Kathleen J 7-Nov-1989 39 See Bauer
Dietz Ruth H 12-Mar-1990 39  
Dille Josephine 23-Mar-1990 13  
Dinslage Elsie D 23-Apr-1990 30 See Plache
Dix Shirley I 20-Feb-1990 35  
Dodd George L 11-Jan-1990 31  
Dodge Lee A 17-Mar-1990 14  
Dohrn-Weisman Renate 15-Jan-1990 35 Article
Donley William J Jr 15-Jan-1990 35  
Donley William J Jr 16-Jan-1990 31 Article
Donley William J Jr 16-Jan-1990 31  
Donley John J 21-Feb-1990 28  
Donzelot Donald N 20-Oct-1989 43  
Dooley Gertrude B 9-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dooley Daisy 9-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dooley Gertrude B 10-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dooley Daisy 10-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dormuth Michael F 5-Oct-1989 34  
Dormuth Michael F 6-Oct-1989 38  
Dornfeld A G 30-Jan-1990 35 Article
Doss Roland P 2-Oct-1989 30  
Doumouras Andrew 23-Dec-1989 42 Article
Dowd Norma Rose 13-Feb-1990 35 See Dowd
Dowdy Ethel M 4-Dec-1989 39 See LeSieur
Drago Blanche M 23-Mar-1990 13  
Draper Sally Jo 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Draper Lewis W 12-Mar-1990 39  
Draper Sally Jo 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Dreste William K 2-Nov-1989 39  
Dreste William K 3-Nov-1989 44 Article
Dreste Frances M 6-Dec-1989 35  
Dreste Sally 6-Dec-1989 35  
Drews Sarah E 14-Nov-1989 39  
Drews Sallie 14-Nov-1989 39  
Drews Sarah E 15-Nov-1989 39  
Drews Sallie 15-Nov-1989 39  
Drobena John W Jr 23-Oct-1989 34  
Duessel Earline H 30-Sep-1989 18 See Keeven
Duessel Earline H 2-Oct-1989 30 See Keeven
DuFrenne Thomas Sr 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Duhme Warren L 10-Jan-1990 35 Article
Duhme Warren Leggat 12-Jan-1990 35  
Dunavant Dorothy F 28-Dec-1989 35  
Duncan Cora Athlyn 3-Nov-1989 44  
Dupre Carl 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Dupre Red 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Durnil Mary F 16-Jan-1990 31  
Durnil Mary 17-Jan-1990 39  
Dvorak Wenceslaus 20-Feb-1990 35  
Dvorak Vince 20-Feb-1990 35  
Dvorak Wenceslaus 21-Feb-1990 28  
Dvorak Vince 21-Feb-1990 28  
Dvorak Freda P 19-Mar-1990 39  
Dwyer Ralph Jeremiah 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Dwyer Ralph Jeremiah 20-Dec-1989 39