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September 25, 1989–April 25, 1990

Photocopies of indexed articles may be requested by email from the History and Genealogy Department. Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library's lookup policy.

Last Name First Name Date Page Notes
Early Martha Rae 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Early Martha Rae 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Easinsky Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35 See Davis
Easley Barbara J 18-Mar-1990 35 See Simon
Easley Barbara J 19-Mar-1990 39 See Simon
Eckert Marillyn 3-Oct-1989 25 See Jenner
Eckholdt paul A 27-Nov-1989 36  
Edlin Michael H 29-Jan-1990 35  
Edom Frank E. 19-Feb-1990 39  
Edom Frank E 20-Feb-1990 35  
Egan Nancy 9-Nov-1989 39 See Baumann
Eggert Marcella A 20-Dec-1989 39 See Busken
Ehmler Minnie 20-Mar-1990 35  
Eidmann Olivette 24-Apr-1990 26  
Eldridge Mary Jane 19-Jan-1990 39  
Ellers Marie 3-Feb-1990 32 See Fussner
Elmore Ray M Sr 28-Dec-1989 35  
Emde Violet Elizabeth 1-Feb-1990 35  
Emmeneger-Bender Sybil 12-Jan-1990 35  
Emmenegger-Bender Sybil 11-Jan-1990 31  
Endress Harry O 15-Nov-1989 39  
Engelmann George M 23-Apr-1990 30  
Engleman Frances J 23-Jan-1990 35  
Englemann George 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Englemann George M 24-Apr-1990 26  
Englert Charles A 16-Mar-1990 39  
English Donald K 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
English Donald K 23-Jan-1990 35  
Eschenbrenner Genevieve 20-Dec-1989 39  
Eschenbrenner Genevieve 21-Dec-1989 39  
Eschenbrenner Pearl E 29-Jan-1990 35  
Eseldon Bill 15-Sep-1989 38  
Eseldon Bill 14-Jun-1989 31  
Essman Ruth M 21-Nov-1989 39  
Evans William G Sr 25-Apr-1990 26  
Everhardt Melba L 21-Nov-1989 39 See Taylor
Ewing Lucille 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Faerber Elise 23-Dec-1989 42 Article
Fairgrieve George William 19-Dec-1989 39 Article
Fairgrieve George William 19-Dec-1989 39  
Fairweiser Edwin C 2-Feb-1990 35  
Farkas Irene M 19-Oct-1989 34  
Farrell Neal J 10-Jan-1990 35 Article
Faust John J 10-Apr-1990 26  
Feager Josephine O 10-Apr-1990 26  
Feick Ruth M 15-Oct-1989 43 See Bergmann
Feisel Howard T 23-Apr-1990 30  
Feisel Howard T 24-Apr-1990 26  
Feldkamp Hazel B 2-Nov-1989 39 See Reuther
Fellhauer Erna L 30-Sep-1989 18 See Peter
Fenton Isabel F 13-Oct-1989 43 See Stinson
Fenton Isabel F 14-Oct-1989 18 See Stinson
Ferber Charles W 13-Nov-1989 39  
Ferber Charles W 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Ferber Charles W 14-Nov-1989 39  
Ferbet Lena   28-Dec-1989 35  
Feuerstein Richard 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Feuerstein Dick 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Fey Paul E Jr 26-Dec-1989 35 Article
Fey Paul E Jr 26-Dec-1989 35  
Fields Steven   12-Oct-1989 39 Article
Fields Steven 13-Oct-1989 43 Article
Fields Judie E 2-Feb-1990 35 See Campana
Finocchiaro Roy Sr 23-Nov-1989 43  
Finot Judy Lombardo 15-Jan-1990 35  
Fischer Selma 15-Nov-1989 39 See Jerger
Fischer Arthur H 13-Mar-1990 35 Article
Fischer Arthur H 14-Mar-1990 31  
Fischer Arthur H 15-Mar-1990 39  
Fitzgerald Joseph Bernard 21-Sep-1989 22  
Fitzgerald Evelyn L 20-Feb-1990 35 See Paglusch
Fitzgerald Evelyn L 21-Feb-1990 28 See Paglusch
Fitzpatrick Cornelia A 24-Apr-1990 26  
Flagg Earl E 24-Jan-1990 39  
Flaugher Howard   5-Dec-1989 39 Article
Fletcher Martha M 15-Oct-1989 43  
Flood Marie 28-Dec-1989 35 See Caroll
Flood Marie 29-Dec-1989 39 See Carroll
Fodor Robert G 12-Nov-1989 32 Article
Foehner Ralph W 7-Oct-1989 42  
Foerst Madlyn M 12-Jan-1990 35  
Forester Dorothy L 17-Feb-1990 39 See Boerner
Forman John S 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
Formhals T Lester 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Forrester Ida Lester 1-Nov-1989 34  
Foster Josephine O 10-Apr-1990 26 See Feager
Foster  Ruth G 25-Oct-1989 39  
Fox Pearl E 29-Jan-1990 35 See Eschenbrenner
Frank William C 5-Oct-1989 34  
Frank Earl G 17-Feb-1990 39  
Franklin Geneva 14-Jun-1989 31 See Samuels
Frederickson Dale H 21-Sep-1989 22  
Freedman Melvin 28-Dec-1989 35 Article
Freeman Mary 24-Apr-1990 26  
Frein Elmer F 10-Apr-1990 26  
Fridley Florence E 13-Feb-1990 35  
Friend Lillian F 19-Dec-1989 39 See Renshaw
Fries Margaret W 26-Dec-1989 35  
Fritsch Stella M 20-Feb-1990 35  
Froehly Theodore  4-Dec-1989 39 Article
Froehly Theodore E   5-Dec-1989 39  
Froehly Theodore E 6-Dec-1989 35  
Froesel Lois A 14-Oct-1989 18  
Fuller Viola A 17-Feb-1990 39  
Fulton Sarah R 18-Jan-1990 35 See Stuckey
Funke Nellie M 28-Dec-1989 35 See Tournour
Fussner Marie 3-Feb-1990 32  
Gabel Margaret P 14-Dec-1989 39 See Behrens
Ganail Glennon L 17-Feb-1990 39  
Garcia Charlie 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Gay Rena S 19-Mar-1990 39  
Gay Rena S 20-Mar-1990 35  
Gebert Deloris 27-Nov-1989 36 See Bentz
Gebhardt Meta 3-Feb-1990 32 See Schwendinger
Geiben Christine C 21-Feb-1990 28 See Zahn
Gerber Wilbert G 13-Mar-1990 35  
Gernhardt Kathryn Loretta 21-Mar-1990 31  
Geyer Nettie 24-Oct-1989 39  
Giamenta John C 14-Jun-1989 31 Article
Gibbs Loyal 2-Oct-1989 30  
Gibson Nellie B 15-Jan-1990 35 See Mertz
Giesler Bernice A 10-Apr-1990 26  
Gilley Sam 15-Sep-1989 38 Article
Gillham Nell C 10-Oct-1989 39  
Gillham Nell C 11-Oct-1989 34  
Gillman Lena M 6-Dec-1989 35 See Naive 
Goff John Edward 21-Mar-1990 31  
Goggins Agnes 20-Feb-1990 35 See Saunders
Goltschman Paul J 10-Jan-1990 35  
Goltschman Paul J 11-Jan-1990 31  
Gooden George G Sr 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
Gooden George Sr 23-Jan-1990 35  
Gooden George Sr 24-Jan-1990 39  
Goodloe Allen McDowell 18-Oct-1989 39  
Goodloe Allen McDowell 19-Oct-1989 34  
Goodloe Allan McDowell 20-Oct-1989 43  
Goodloe Mary Frances 20-Mar-1990 35  
Goodloe Mary Frances 21-Mar-1990 31  
Gordon Lucille 10-Jan-1990 35  
Gore Reon 14-Dec-1989 39 Article
Gosebrink Louise A 23-Mar-1990 13 See Sciaroni
Gotthardt Rose M 13-Dec-1989 39 See Kulage
Gottselig Ida M 24-Jan-1990 39 See Wilson
Gottselig Ida M 25-Jan-1990 35 See Wilson
Gough James T 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Graeff Gladys E 10-Nov-1989 39 See Schreiner
Graf Mary Jane 10-Oct-1989 39  
Graham Eileen G 24-Oct-1989 39 See Mathews
Gramann Agnes E 12-Nov-1989 32 See Stoffel
Gramann Agnes E 13-Nov-1989 39 See Stoffel
Granville June 1-Nov-1989 34  
Graue Fred W 15-Jan-1990 35 Article
Graue Fred W 15-Jan-1990 35  
Grauer Florence E 13-Feb-1990 35 See Fridley
Gray Burton C 31-Oct-1989 12  
Gray John N 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Grayson Ethel E 20-Mar-1990 35 See Ball
Greco Thelma 24-Oct-1989 39  
Greco Wanda 24-Oct-1989 39  
Gregg Marian King 18-Oct-1989 39 See Tichvinsky
Gregg Marian King 19-Oct-1989 34 See Tichvinsky
Griese Norbert L 27-Nov-1989 36  
Grieveson Mary Martha 15-Sep-1989 38  
Grieveson Mary Martha 14-Jun-1989 31  
Griffin Marcella 14-Mar-1990 31  
Grimm Fred J 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Gronemeyer Helen L 22-Mar-1990 35  
Gross Thomas G 23-Jan-1990 35  
Gruber Ann 13-Oct-1989 43 Article
Gruber Gertrude E 18-Oct-1989 39  
Gruber Gertrude E 19-Oct-1989 34  
Guelbert Marilyn B 16-Mar-1990 39 See Swantner
Guempel Norma A 9-Oct-1989 39  
Guinee Hanorah E 13-Oct-1989 43  
Gulbrandsen Victor Norman 25-Apr-1990 26  
Gulley Oliver 30-Jan-1990 35  
Gulley Doc 30-Jan-1990 35  
Haas Oliver 20-Dec-1989 39  
Habel Rose P 15-Mar-1990 39  
Habel Rose P 16-Mar-1990 39  
Haberberger John M 14-Mar-1990 31  
Haberberger John M 15-Mar-1990 39 Article
Haberberger John M 15-Mar-1990 39  
Hackett Allen 26-Oct-1989 39 Article
Hackney Josephine 15-Sep-1989 38  
Hackney Josephine 14-Jun-1989 31  
Haefner Esther L 19-Jan-1990 39  
Haerber Elsie B 21-Dec-1989 39  
Hagemeyer Jesse F 16-Jan-1990 31  
Hagnauer Elizabeth 7-Oct-1989 42  
Hagnauer Elizabeth Peters 7-Oct-1989 42  
Hahn Elnor W 29-Sep-1989 14  
Haintl Velma M 16-Jan-1990 31  
Hainz Clara A 10-Apr-1990 26 See Burke
Hakes Clifford H 13-Oct-1989 43  
Hall Arthur M 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Hall Patricia A 21-Dec-1989 39  
Hall Caroline 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Hall Lena 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Hall Arthur M 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Haller Frank J 16-Jan-1990 31  
Haller Frank J 17-Jan-1990 39  
Haller Frank J 18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Hampton Marie 28-Dec-1989 35  
Hanlon James Bernard 19-Feb-1990 39  
Hanna Thomas L 10-Apr-1990 26 Article
Hanneke Carl I Sr 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hannigan Mary Rose 27-Nov-1989 36 See O'Brien
Hansen Howard H 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Hanss Edward H 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Hardwig Lurlean 30-Oct-1989 39 See Klaas
Harig Elmer A 29-Sep-1989 14  
Harms Marvin E 14-Nov-1989 39  
Harms Beverly Jean 25-Apr-1990 26 See Johnson
Harper Claudene 20-Dec-1989 39 See O'Malley
Harris Irwin R 24-Oct-1989 39  
Harris Flora Mae 12-Dec-1989 39  
Harris Flora Mae 13-Dec-1989 39  
Harris Arlo O Jr 24-Feb-1990 33  
Harrison Wilma 15-Sep-1989 38  
Harrison Leo D 21-Dec-1989 39  
Harrison Wilma M 14-Jun-1989 31  
Hartmann Edgar C Sr 10-Oct-1989 39  
Hartmann Edgar C Sr 11-Oct-1989 34  
Hartnett Marie G 17-Oct-1989 39  
Hartog Helen M 13-Oct-1989 43  
Hartsock Emil G 14-Nov-1989 39  
Harvey Charles C 5-Dec-1989 39  
Harvey Doc 5-Dec-1989 39  
Harvey Michael J 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hassett Jeanette 29-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hassett Jeanette Kehoe 29-Dec-1989 39  
Hatton Walter R 14-Oct-1989 18  
Hauck Adele 24-Oct-1989 39  
Hauck Adele 25-Oct-1989 39  
Hawthorne Robert N 19-Dec-1989 39  
Hayden F M 12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hayden Francis M 12-Dec-1989 39  
Hayes James R 17-Mar-1990 14  
Hayes James R 18-Mar-1990 35  
Hayes James R 19-Mar-1990 39  
Haymer Johnny 21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Haynsworth Clement F Jr 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Hazel Venie M 21-Feb-1990 28 See Melton
Hecht Harold L 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Hecht Harold L 24-Jan-1990 39  
Hecht Harold L 25-Jan-1990 35  
Heckenberg Elsie S 20-Feb-1990 35 See Temme
Hedenkamp Dietrich Jr 24-Jan-1990 39  
Hedenkamp Dietrich Jr 25-Jan-1990 35  
Heflin Raymond E 24-Oct-1989 39  
Heideman Helen J 5-Oct-1989 34  
Heim Florence W 3-Nov-1989 44 Article
Heim Florence W 3-Nov-1989 44  
Heimbuecher Catherine R 19-Jan-1990 39  
Heimos Clinton Sr 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Heimos Clinton G 24-Feb-1990 33  
Heinecke Otto G 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Heitz Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35  
Held Estelle M 10-Apr-1990 26  
Helfrich Loretta P 22-Mar-1990 35 See Strickler
Hellmann Pearl A 10-Apr-1990 26 See Dependahl
Hellwege Ruth P 23-Apr-1990 30  
Hellyer Marguerite H 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hellyer Marge 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hemleben Richard 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hemminghaus Edna C 11-Dec-1989 39 See Huehnerhoff
Hennemann Raymond G 11-Jan-1990 31  
Hennemann Raymond G 12-Jan-1990 35 Article
Henry Julia M 12-Mar-1990 39 See Daly
Herbig Paul R Jr 10-Apr-1990 26  
Herbst Margaret Bussmann 11-Jan-1990 31  
Herbst Margaret Bussmann 12-Jan-1990 35  
Herchert Hedwig Rose 30-Sep-1989 18 See Mueller
Herrmann Steven William 15-Sep-1989 38  
Herrmann Steven William 14-Jun-1989 31  
Hertlein Norma A 9-Oct-1989 39  
Hertlein Bobbie J 9-Oct-1989 39 See Case
Heuvelman Katherine A 23-Dec-1989 42 See Major
Higgins Elizabeth A 19-Mar-1990 39 See Schoelch
Higgins Elizabeth A 20-Mar-1990 35 See Schoelch
High Ida Lester 1-Nov-1989 34 See Forrester
Hilbert Arthur G 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hill Viola R 17-Mar-1990 14  
Hines Walter William 9-Oct-1989 39  
Hinton Frieda E 1-Feb-1990 35  
Hochstetter Virginia 23-Apr-1990 30  
Hochstetter Virginia 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Hoef John A Sr 4-Dec-1989 39  
Hoehl Esther L 12-Dec-1989 39  
Hoehl Esther L 13-Dec-1989 39  
Hoehn William R 23-Apr-1990 30  
Hoepffner Lilyan M 26-Jan-1990 39  
Hoflich James E 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hoh Lillian M 29-Jan-1990 35 See Borgman
Holland Bernice 19-Feb-1990 39  
Holman Barbara L 2-Feb-1990 35  
Holmes David W 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Holtmann Lucille G 13-Nov-1989 39  
Holtmann Lucille G 14-Nov-1989 39  
Holy  Helen C 17-Jan-1990 39  
Homan Lela 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Honkey Arnold J 18-Mar-1990 35  
Hook V Wesley 4-Oct-1989 34  
Hooper Jeffrey 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Hoormann August C 17-Mar-1990 14  
Hoover Christine S 2-Feb-1990 35  
Horenkamp Agnes A 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Horstmann Carl H 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Horton Lynn 30-Jan-1990 35 See Langehennig
Hotfelder Eugene A 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
Hotmer Mae A 20-Mar-1990 35 See Dieckhaus
Howard Harry A Sr 15-Sep-1989 38  
Howard Bess E 26-Dec-1989 35  
Howard Theola M 15-Mar-1990 39 See Tobin
Howard Theola M 16-Mar-1990 39 See Tobin
Howard Harry A Sr 14-Jun-1989 31  
Howell Martha B 24-Feb-1990 33  
Hrebec Ulrich 16-Oct-1989 39  
Hruza Audrene 2-Nov-1989 39 Article
Huber Jacqueline M 26-Sep-1989 30  
Huber Lydia C 19-Mar-1990 39  
Huchingson Robert E III 12-Nov-1989 32 Article
Huchingson Robert E III 12-Nov-1989 32  
Huchingson Robert E III 13-Nov-1989 39  
Huehnerhoff Edna C 11-Dec-1989 39  
Hufendick Myrtle 5-Oct-1989 34  
Huff Henrietta 6-Nov-1989 39 See Lopinot
Huff Henrietta 7-Nov-1989 39 See Lopinot
Hummel Catherine 23-Jan-1990 35  
Hunt Esther L 19-Jan-1990 39 See Haefner
Huppert Arthur W 15-Oct-1989 43  
Huskey Ruth B 21-Feb-1990 28 See Pierce
Hynes Grace C 21-Nov-1989 39 See Kopecky