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September 25, 1989–April 25, 1990

Photocopies of indexed articles may be requested by email from the History and Genealogy Department. Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library's lookup policy.

Last Name First Name Date Page Notes
Nahm Lawrence M 13-Feb-1990 35  
Naive  Lena M 6-Dec-1989 35  
Nania Judy 18-Dec-1989 39  
Nania Judy 19-Dec-1989 39  
Nast Fredic W 21-Sep-1989 22  
Naugless James  15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Naugless James Jr 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Naumann Claire M 6-Nov-1989 39  
Neal Claire A 30-Sep-1989 18 See Klaus
Neal A Minfie 16-Mar-1990 39  
Nehring Louise Bernice 9-Oct-1989 39  
Neill Alverda 25-Jan-1990 35  
Nelson Giles 21-Nov-1989 39  
Nelson Edward J 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Nelson Leroy C 2-Feb-1990 35  
Nettleton Michael 21-Feb-1990 28 Article
Neumann Flora Irene 11-Jan-1990 31  
Neumann Flora Irene 12-Jan-1990 35  
Newcomb Roseanne 21-Feb-1990 28  
Newman Rose L 6-Dec-1989 35 Article
Newton James M 13-Dec-1989 39  
Newton James M 14-Dec-1989 39  
Nguyen Paulette 23-Apr-1990 30  
Nicholson Adeline H 23-Nov-1989 43  
Nickel Mildred M 7-Dec-1989 39  
Nickel Eleanor W 18-Dec-1989 39  
Nickles Magdalene 19-Dec-1989 39  
Niebling Ethel M 10-Jan-1990 35  
Niederbremer Doris 23-Jan-1990 35  
Niederbremer Doris 24-Jan-1990 39  
Niederluecke Wilma W 13-Dec-1989 39 See Rothe
Nisbet Arley Maud 29-Dec-1989 39  
Nolan Charles C  18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Noonan Marcella M 14-Mar-1990 31 See Griffin
Noonan Dorothy M 17-Mar-1990 14  
Norris Meta L 21-Sep-1989 22  
Northrop Cynthia E 8-Nov-1989 34  
Novak Stella 20-Feb-1990 35  
Oberkrom John 7-Nov-1989 39 Article
O'Brien Philip J 16-Oct-1989 39  
O'Brien Mary R Hannigan 27-Nov-1989 36 Article
O'Brien Mary Rose 27-Nov-1989 36  
O'Dell Walden H 20-Dec-1989 39  
Odendorph Milton J 23-Oct-1989 34  
O'Donnell Robert J   4-Dec-1989 39 Article
Oesterreicher Ben 16-Jan-1990 31  
O'Fallon Mary U 29-Sep-1989 14  
O'Gorman Daniel 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Ohnimus Kenneth W 11-Jan-1990 31  
Ohnimus Kenneth W 12-Jan-1990 35  
Oldham Mary F. 16-Jan-1990 31 See Durnil   
Oldham Mary 17-Jan-1990 39 See Durnil
Olson Marvin G 29-Dec-1989 39 Article
O'Malley Claudene 20-Dec-1989 39  
Oppelt Nancy A 26-Dec-1989 35  
O'Toole Joseph Edward Jr 5-Oct-1989 34  
O'Toole Joseph Edward Jr 6-Oct-1989 38  
Otten Rena L 29-Nov-1989 39  
Otting June 1-Nov-1989 34 See Granville
Otzenberger Joseph 2-Oct-1989 30  
Pace Joe E 19-Feb-1990 39  
Paglusch Evelyn L 20-Feb-1990 35  
Paglusch Evelyn L 21-Feb-1990 28  
Palmeri Henry J 11-Oct-1989 34  
Papa Genevieve B 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Papa Genevieve B 22-Mar-1990 35  
Papa Genevieve B 23-Mar-1990 13  
Pape Bernard J 14-Mar-1990 31  
Papin Grace Ashley 15-Sep-1989 38 Article
Papin Virginia E 3-Nov-1989 44 See Koblenz
Parker Geraldine B 20-Oct-1989 43  
Parker Fanita Griesedieck 30-Nov-1989 39  
Parker Ulis H 13-Feb-1990 35  
Parmeley Melvin H 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Parran James T 15-Oct-1989 43  
Parran James 16-Oct-1989 39  
Parrish Janice L 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Parsons Hank D 15-Sep-1989 38  
Parsons Esther C 10-Jan-1990 35 See Kolb
Parsons Hank D 14-Jun-1989 31  
Patrylo Michael J 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Patterson Donald G 22-Nov-1989 39 Article
Paul Michael S 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Paul Michael S 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Payne Alfonso 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Payne Flip 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Pazdernik Rudolph A 6-Nov-1989 39  
Peake Catherine R 26-Dec-1989 35  
Peeler Luie Louise 11-Oct-1989 34 See DeSchane
Pehr Rose 22-Mar-1990 35  
Pehr Rose 23-Mar-1990 13  
Pence Barbara L 2-Feb-1990 35 See Holman
Pendergrass Robert N 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Perhat John 19-Mar-1990 39 Article
Perkins Robert Lee 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Peter Erna L 30-Sep-1989 18  
Peter Orville A 23-Mar-1990 13  
Petri Katherine J 12-Jan-1990 35 See Krupp
Petruso Joseph 25-Oct-1989 39  
Petry Helen L 9-Oct-1989 39  
Petry Helen L 10-Oct-1989 39  
Pfeiffer Ruth C 12-Jan-1990 35 See Weisehan
Pfitzinger Walter 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Phillips Martha S 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Phillips R Richard 23-Mar-1990 13  
Phillips Dick 23-Mar-1990 13  
Pierce Walter 15-Oct-1989 43  
Pierce Walter 16-Oct-1989 39  
Pierce Ruth B 21-Feb-1990 28  
Pisk Paul Amadeus 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Plache Elsie D 23-Apr-1990 30  
Platz Norma M 6-Nov-1989 39 See Kushnel
Plesch Virginia I 30-Jan-1990 35  
Ploch Juanita I 5-Dec-1989 39  
Plowman Barry 15-Sep-1989 38  
Plowman Barry 14-Jun-1989 31  
Poetz Paul H 2-Feb-1990 35  
Pogue Lehman B 11-Oct-1989 34  
Pohrer Joy E 28-Dec-1989 35 See McNulty
Polk Jewel P 30-Nov-1989 39 See Livingston
Pollard Rose P 15-Mar-1990 39 See Habel
Pollard Rose P 16-Mar-1990 39 See Habel
Porteous Ruth Harris 24-Feb-1990 33  
Porter Mary Ellen 5-Oct-1989 34  
Porter Mary Ellen 6-Oct-1989 38  
Porter Emma I 25-Jan-1990 35 Article
Porter Emma 25-Jan-1990 35  
Porter Goldie F 19-Mar-1990 39  
Portuondo Stella 14-Nov-1989 39  
Potrzeboski James   1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Powell Bonnie S 13-Oct-1989 43 See Lang
Powell Bonnie S 14-Oct-1989 18 See Lang
Prante Paula 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Prante Paula 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Prasse Brett K 26-Dec-1989 35  
Pratt Henry H 20-Oct-1989 43 Article
Prendergast Marian 17-Oct-1989 39  
Press Helen D 12-Mar-1990 39  
Price Stan  8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Priesmeyer Marie Ann 13-Nov-1989 39  
Priesmeyer Marie Ann 14-Nov-1989 39  
Pritch Rosalie D 17-Oct-1989 39  
Pritchett Josephine S 12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Promnitz Frank O 29-Nov-1989 39 Article
Proot Harold H 9-Oct-1989 39  
Prugger Henry G 14-Mar-1990 31  
Puckett Douglas W 13-Mar-1990 35  
Puckett Douglas W 14-Mar-1990 31  
Puent George J 21-Feb-1990 28  
Pupillo Tony 1-Feb-1990 35  
Purcelli Charles 18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Purcelli Charles 18-Jan-1990 35  
Purcelli Charles 19-Jan-1990 39  
Queen Reba Lee 20-Mar-1990 35 See White
Quernheim Gertrude Anna 7-Oct-1989 42  
Radcliff Carl E 1-Feb-1990 35  
Ramming Clara Anna 18-Dec-1989 39 See Warmann
Rand Eloise Stephens 10-Apr-1990 26  
Ranney Robert C 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Rataj George J 25-Oct-1989 39  
Rauch Theodosia 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Ravarino Ernest John 24-Oct-1989 39  
Ravarino Ernest John 25-Oct-1989 39 Article
Ravarino Ernest John 25-Oct-1989 39  
Ray Debbie Lynn 1-Feb-1990 35  
Reckard Charles E 1-Feb-1990 35  
Reckard Charles E 2-Feb-1990 35 Article
Reckard Charles E 2-Feb-1990 35  
Reece Edith E 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Reed Carthel 5-Dec-1989 39 Article
Reed Katherine 10-Jan-1990 35  
Reed Paulette 23-Apr-1990 30 See Nguyen
Reed  Katherine 11-Jan-1990 31  
Reeder Madeline 17-Feb-1990 39 See Meder
Reichert Michael S 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Reid Frank   21-Sep-1989 22 Article
Reid Mary Frances 21-Apr-1990 32  
Reising Fred L 15-Nov-1989 39  
Reiteritsh Ella R 11-Jan-1990 31  
Reiteritsh Ella R 12-Jan-1990 35  
Reither Mildred M 23-Apr-1990 30  
Remmler Adolph G 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Renick Sybil 11-Jan-1990 31 See Emmeneger-Bender
Renick Sybil 12-Jan-1990 35 See Emmenegger-Bender
Renner Donald W 17-Feb-1990 39  
Reno Margaret 30-Jan-1990 35  
Renshaw Lillian F 19-Dec-1989 39  
Renshaw Lillian F 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Renshaw Lillian 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Renz Richard B Jr 10-Oct-1989 39  
Renz Richie 10-Oct-1989 39  
Renz Rachel M 1-Dec-1989 43  
Reuter Mary Ellen 5-Oct-1989 34 See Porter
Reuter Mary Ellen 6-Oct-1989 38 See Porter
Reuther  Hazel B 2-Nov-1989 39  
Reville Eugene 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Rhoades Patricia A 21-Dec-1989 39 See Hall
Rich Floyd 6-Nov-1989 39 Article
Richard James M Jr 12-Oct-1989 39  
Richards George C 13-Feb-1990 35  
Riedlinger Frances T 23-Jan-1990 35 See Turner
Riley Mary L 20-Feb-1990 35  
Riley Charles H 21-Feb-1990 28  
Ringkamp Henry 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Ritterhaus Joseph D 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Ritterhaus Joseph D 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Rives Norma Rose 13-Feb-1990 35  
Rixman Kenneth A 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Robb Doris V 23-Jan-1990 35 See Niederbremer
Robb Doris V 24-Jan-1990 39 See Niederbremer
Roberts Gertrude Crockett 5-Dec-1989 39  
Roberts Vista G 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Robertson Mary Florence 21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Robinson Sam 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Robinson Mary 15-Sep-1989 38  
Robinson Sam 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Robinson Mary 14-Jun-1989 31  
Roche Arlyne Marie 5-Oct-1989 34  
Roche Anthony G 6-Oct-1989 38  
Roche Arlyne Marie 6-Oct-1989 38  
Rodier Catherine R 26-Dec-1989 35 See Peake
Roellchen Robert E 11-Oct-1989 34  
Roesch Clara A 3-Feb-1990 32 See Scherrer
Rogers Mary Frances 20-Mar-1990 35 See Goodloe
Rogers Mary Frances 21-Mar-1990 31 See Goodloe
Rollings John L 24-Feb-1990 33  
Rose Violet F 24-Feb-1990 33 See Moore
Ross Juanita H 26-Sep-1989 30  
Ross Ralph A 20-Mar-1990 35  
Ross Ralph A 21-Mar-1990 31  
Roth Ella L 13-Nov-1989 39  
Roth Ella L 15-Nov-1989 39  
Roth Raymond C 17-Jan-1990 39  
Rothe Wilma W 13-Dec-1989 39  
Rounce Richard P 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Rounce Richard Porter 11-Jan-1990 31  
Rounce Richard Porter 12-Jan-1990 35  
Rozkuszka Paul H 7-Oct-1989 42 Article
Rubenstein Floyd B 9-Oct-1989 39  
Ruesch Gertrude G 25-Oct-1989 39 See Becker
Rutherford Loreighn 13-Dec-1989 39