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Construction Notice

The Clark Family Branch (formerly Headquarters) is closed for construction. Patrons can visit the Oak Bend Branch during construction.

Delayed Opening at Daniel Boone Branch

The Daniel Boone Branch and the History & Genealogy Department will have a delayed opening on Wednesday, September 27 due to electrical repair work.

Voter Registration

The Missouri Voter Registration Application is available through the State of Missouri and a printed copy can be picked up at your local branch. You may also complete the application online or print out the application at home for mailing.

Upcoming Elections

All library locations are St. Louis County polling sites. Polling hours are 6:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. on election day.

Important Dates

  • April 4, 2023: General Municipal Election
  • August 8, 2023: Primary Election
  • November 7, 2022: General Election

Visit the Board of Elections website for more detailed information.

Helpful Resources

Voter Registration

Absentee Voting

Election Judges

Mapping and Polling Places

Go Vote Missouri
The official site of the Missouri Secretary of State's office, which is charged by law with oversight of election laws. Includes forms to look up your registration status, register online, or request a paper registration form.

St. Louis County Board of Elections
Find information and links to absentee voting, election worker and volunteer sign up, and registering to vote. You can contact the Board of Elections via phone or email. 

Check Your Voter Registration
Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Look up your information on the Missouri Secretary of State website. If you are registered to vote, you will be able to view your polling place and a listing of candidates and issues on the upcoming ballot at the Voter Outreach Portal which will be linked once you search your registration.

Register to Vote
If you need to register to vote, you can register online at the Secretary of State website. There are two options for registering: complete the form online or print the form to mail it in. The last day to mail in a registration is Wednesday, October 7th.

Acceptable Forms of Voter IDs
Find out what forms of ID are acceptable to vote and how to obtain a free photo ID.

Missouri House of Representatives
Has a search tool to find your current state representative and senator based on your address.

Open Government
This website uses the voter supplied address to find their voter precinct, associated Polling Place, and Sample Ballot. Enter in your address on the map to retrieve your polling place and a link to a sample ballot.

Missouri Secretary of State Absentee vs Mail-In Voting Information BROKEN
Not sure what the difference is between absentee or mail in voting? This document goes over steps to obtain either, eligibility, and important information about what is needed and by when.

State Free Mail-in and Absentee Ballot Notary Information BROKEN
State law requires absentee ballots to be notarized for free. However, SB 631 did not authorize free notarization for mail-in ballots. As a result, the Secretary of State’s Office is compiling a list of notaries who have volunteered to assist Missouri voters in getting their mail-in or absentee ballot envelopes notarized at no charge. The 2020 Notary List will be updated as additional notaries are added.

St. Louis County Board of Elections Absentee Ballot Application
Request form from the St. Louis County Board of Elections website for either an absentee ballot or a mail-in ballot. October 21st by 5PM is the latest to submit either request to be eligible to vote in the November 3rd election.

USPS Election Mail FAQ
The United States Postal Service has compiled an entire web page dedicated to helping you understand how election mail is processed and the guidelines you should follow when returning your ballot via mail.

Open Government
This website uses the voter supplied address to find their voter precinct, associated Polling Place, and Sample Ballot. Enter in your address on the map to retrieve your polling place and a link to a sample ballot.

Enter your address into the Ballotpedia sample ballot lookup to see the candidates in your upcoming elections. You can view more information on what and who you are voting on within the sample ballot.

St. Louis County offers the official sample ballot as well (their site has been under construction of late, so this is intermittent.)
This nonprofit, nonpartisan resource provides information about voter registration, voter ID laws, early voting, locating polling places, absentee ballots, and more.
Funded by the League of Women Voters, Vote 411 provides information about voter registration along with voter guides to assist voters in choosing candidates and learning about issues on the ballot.

Federal Election Commission: Find Candidates and Elections by Location in the United States
Regardless of where you are located, find the elections and candidates in your voting location.

Election Protection
Know your rights as a voter! This page provides information about what to do if you encounter problems at the polls.