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Celebrate and help promote the musical creativity of the St. Louis community with Listen Up STL which gives local musicians the opportunity to make their music available to a wider audience. Any St. Louis area musician with original music of any genre is encouraged to participate. Applications are accepted year round. Music added to collection is made available for library patrons to stream.

We accept music from musicians/bands currently performing and/or based in the St. Louis area. We want to have as wide a variety of music as possible and will select albums that represent many musical genres. 

Please note that Listen Up STL includes a wide variety of music, some of which may be offensive to some individuals.

We accept original music only in MP3 format only - no covers. Albums must have at least 3 songs. Musicians own the copyright to their music and copies of the music are not allowed. Songs are licensed it to the library for the private use of our patrons. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not pay for musical submissions but by contributing to Listen Up STL:

  • You will make your music available to the Library's approximately 355,000 active card holders.
  • Increase your band's name recognition.
  • Provide an avenue for the public to get to know your work.
  • Provide access to your band's concert calendar on your website or blog.
  • We accept music from musicians/bands currently performing and/or based in the St. Louis area.
  • We would like to have a wide variety of music and will select albums that represent as many musical genres as possible.
  • We will accept original music only - no covers (songs in the public domain are allowed).
  • Albums must have at least 3 songs.
  • MP3 files with a minimum audio quality of 128 kbps.
  • Album cover art will need to be submitted in JPEG format.
  • Musicians will first need to fill out our online form (one form for each album).
  • If selected for Listen Up STL, musicians will be contacted with further instructions for accepting our license agreement and uploading their music.

This is a legal document that defines the rights you are giving to the library. In simplified terms, it says:

  • This is a non-exclusive license agreement. You will continue to own all the rights to the content which means that you are free to share or sell it elsewhere.
  • If you find other outlets for your music, it's fine with us. If it's not fine with the other outlets, you can notify us and we will pull your music from our site.
  • Library patrons can stream the music but not share it.
  • You will need to confirm that you have the right to license all of the content you are sharing, including the cover art.
  • Questions? Call 314-994-3300 or email