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Item Loan Period (Days) Fines Per Day Limit
Books and Magazines 14 $0.15 Combined Limit of 100
Bestseller Books* 14 $0.15
Jigsaw Puzzles 14 $0.00
Combined Discs (Music & Audiobooks) 14 $0.15 Combined Limit of 25
Playaways 14 $0.15
Bestseller DVDs* and DVDs 14 $0.15 Combined Limit of 25
Flip Kits 14 $0.00 Combined Limit of 5
Parent Packs 14 $0.00
Sci-Finders 14 $0.15
Tabletop Games 14 $0.15
Telescopes** 14 $1.00
Musical Instruments (Non-renewable) 14 $1.00
Hotspot 14 $1.00
We-Stories Kits 14 $0.00
Binoculars 14 $1.00 1
Video Games 14 $1.00 2
Interlibrary Loans 21 $1.00 5
MOBIUS Books & AV 28 0 Combined Limit of 10
(holds count towards limit of 10)
Prospector Books 21 0
Prospector AV 7 0
eMedia Check loan periods -- Varies by Vendor
National Genealogical Society Books 14 $0.15 2
Total number of items checked out at any one time. Some restrictions apply to children’s cards.  100
* Non-requestable, one renewal allowed  
** Five renewals allowed if there are no active holds  

Loan Periods and Limits

Most materials may be borrowed for 14 days. The number of items you may borrow at any one time is limited according to the type of material. See loan table above.

AV Materials

St. Louis County Library is not responsible if audiovisual equipment is damaged while using library materials.


Items issued for 14 days may be renewed five times unless there are requests on the title or they are part of the Bestseller collection. Books and DVDs in the Bestseller collection may be renewed for one additional 14-day period. 

Items will be renewed automatically. Renewals will be processed automatically on eligible items 2 days prior to the item's due date. The Due Date reminder will indicate which items, if any, have been renewed for you. You may renew your own items in the library, via the online catalog or by calling Customer Connect at 314-994-3300.

Homebound Service

Materials normally issued for 14 days are issued for 28 days to customers receiving Homebound Service. Homebound customers may borrow DVDs and video games for 14 days. All items may be renewed twice unless there are requests on the title or they are part of the Bestseller collection. Interlibrary Loan service is not available to Homebound customers.  No overdue fines are charged but Homebound customers are responsible for damaged and lost materials.  Please see the Homebound Service page for additional information.


You may return SLCL materials to any branch or bookmobile regardless of where they were checked out. Book drops are open 24 hours a day at Headquarters and all branches.


Fines are levied on items returned after the due date. The maximum amount of fines and/or billed items allowed on a library card is $25.  Fines of $25 or more must be paid before the card can be used again. Effective January 1, 2016, all children’s materials will be exempt from overdue fines regardless of the type of card the items are issued on. Patrons will still be charged the replacement cost for lost and damaged children’s materials.

Grace Period

A 6-day grace period is in place for returning most materials. Telescopes, Hotspots, and Interlibrary Loans are not covered by a grace period. Fines are not charged for Sundays or holidays. Fines for items returned or renewed after the grace period will be calculated from the initial due date.

Overdue Notification

SLCL distributes overdue notices as a courtesy. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not exempt a cardholder from responsibility for overdue fines. You will be notified by email two days before items are due. A second notice will be emailed when items are 29 days past due. At 45 days overdue, a paper bill will be mailed, and the full cost of the item will appear on your account. If you subsequently return the item, only the applicable fine will be charged. A $5 handling fee will be charged for each Lost & Paid refund. Accounts with a balance of $50 and more that are past due for 60 days will be referred to a collection agency.

Lost & Paid

Materials that have been paid for and subsequently returned are eligible for a refund as long as they are returned in good condition within thirty (30) days of payment and are valued at $10 or more. A $5 handling fee will be charged for all refunds. Refunds will first be applied to outstanding fines. No refunds will be issued for less than $5.


You may place a hold on circulating materials via the online catalog, by asking a librarian, or by calling 314-994-3300. The maximum number of holds that a customer may have at any one time is 50. Requested items will be sent to the branch or bookmobile you designate as quickly as possible.

Holds Notification

Requested materials will be held for 6 days. You will be notified by email or telephone when your request is ready for pick-up.

Lost Cards

You are responsible for all items issued on your card. Report lost cards to the library immediately. Materials issued on your card prior to the time the loss is reported remain your responsibility. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for all materials issued on cards for children under age 18.