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The Centenary Methodist Church Record Project was begun in 2008 when Julius K. Hunter suggested that the History and Genealogy Department offer to preserve Wesleyan Cemetery records held by Centenary Church and containing the records of many African American burials. The project was expanded to include all of the congregation’s original records. The Rev. Kathleen Wilder, Centenary Church’s pastor, was contacted, and the project proceeded with the approval of the congregation's board of trustees. The records were brought to St. Louis County Library, where the History and Genealogy Department Staff and volunteers began indexing and digitizing the records of this historic congregation.

More Information

Wesleyan Cemetery

Established by the Centenary Methodist Church in St. Louis, Missouri.

We would like to thank the Rev. Kathleen Wilder and the members of Centenary Methodist Church for providing access to the congregation’s records. We would also like to thank the following individuals:

  • Julius K. Hunter, who first proposed the project and facilitated contact with Centenary United Methodist Church.
  • Volunteers Linda Bauby, Kathleen Buescher-Milligan, and Rose Santori, who assisted with indexing the records.
  • Maryville University students Mark Dragoni, Shannon Kibbee, and Matt Renaud, who helped evaluate and organize the records as an history internship project.

Photocopies of indexed articles may be requested by email from the History and Genealogy Department. Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library's lookup policy.


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